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Oregon Real Estate Courses

Oregon Real Estate Pre-License Courses

Questions? Everything you need to know about Oregon real estate pre-license courses

How to get an Oregon real estate license

Oregon has several real estate license types: Broker (real estate agent), Principal Broker (office manager), and Property Manager. Becoming a broker requires taking a 150-hour real estate pre-license course and passing a state exam.

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Oregon Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

Questions? Everything you need to know about Oregon real estate continuing education courses

How to renew your Oregon real estate license

New licensees must take an Advanced Practices course. Second and subsequent renewals must complete 30 hours of Oregon real estate continuing education every two years and must include a 3-hour law update course. Which courses you need will depend on your license type and how long you have been in business.

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Required first-time renewal course for Property Managers in Oregon. May be used subsequent renewals.

First-time license renewal course for Oregon Property Managers. OREA approved. 100% online. Mobile friendly. Price match guarantee!

$119.00  |  27 Hours

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This 27-hour Broker Advanced Practices course is required for first time renewals. Pair this with our FREE 3-hour Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC) for all 30 hours you need to renew!

$149.00  |  27 Hours

This 27-hour Principal Broker Advanced Practices course is required for all first-time Principal Broker license renewals, and may be used for subsequent renewals. Pair this with our FREE 3-hour Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC) for all 30 hours you need to renew!

$119.00  |  27 Hours

When the going gets tough, you'll be prepared with these three essential courses on some of the most challenging issues faced by property managers.

$45.00  |  5.5 Hours

This course is designed to demonstrate that risk management should be viewed as a positive strategy that will provide for increased profits. Any risk that develops into a problem will necessarily cost money to solve. The course introduces the student to ...

$24.00  |  4 Hours

This course, presented by Earth Advantage, explains how energy efficiency upgrades and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems enhance existing homes. Learning about energy efficiency and solar power upgrades can help you guide your clients towards making savvy ...

$19.00  |  1 Hour

This course is designed to give the licensee a comprehensive understanding of Oregon law relating to the handling of client trust funds. The concept of trust funds is discussed along with the rules and regulations relating to the handling of such trust ...

$18.00  |  3 Hours

This is a 3-hour Oregon Ethics course. This code of ethics course for real estate agents emphasizes ethical conduct standards based upon the NAR. Take this real estate ethics course at OnlineEd.

$18.00  |  3 Hours  |  ✓ NAR Ethics

This course is designed to give a historical overview of the Federal Fair Housing Laws and an in-depth discussion of the individual laws and their application to the practice of real estate. The course emphasizes anti-discriminatory conduct which all ...

$18.00  |  3 Hours

This course defines and explores what property management is and who must be licensed to conduct property management activity. The course also focuses on agency relationships in the practice of property management and the rules which apply to a property ...

$18.00  |  3 Hours

This course discusses the protections that the construction lien law provides the property owner as well as the technical requirements a contractor or material provider must follow in order to protect their lien rights. Issues relating to filing a lien ...

$12.00  |  2 Hours

The escrow portion of this course discusses escrow from opening to closing, how to compose proper escrow instructions, how to protect your brokerage fee, the final closing statement, and all other aspects of escrow. The title insurance portion discusses ...

$12.00  |  2 Hours

Conditions and contingencies will be found in almost every real estate purchase and sale agreement. A purchase may be contingent on the buyer receiving a loan to purchase the property, the seller locating and purchasing a replacement property, or even ...

$6.00  |  1 Hour

Allergies, respiratory infection, organ failure, and death can be caused by the mold growing within the confines of a house. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has linked mold exposure in infants to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death ...

$6.00  |  1 Hour

You all get them, but few read them. Even fewer understand them. This enlightening and informative course takes you on a written tour of a title insurance plant and explains what is involved in researching title to real property, the different methods ...

$6.00  |  1 Hour

Oregon Real Estate Principal Broker Licensing Courses

Questions? Everything you need to know about Oregon real estate principal broker licensing courses

How to become a real estate principal broker in Oregon

Complete an Oregon Real Estate Agency approved Broker Administration and Sales Supervision course (BASS). Brokers must have 3 years of active real estate experience, submit an application, and pass a principal broker licensing exam. Out-of-state applicants also need a 150-hour licensing course and should choose the "Out-of-State" package.

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Oregon Real Estate Professional Development Courses

Gain valuable insights and practical skills to enhance your online presence, reach potential clients, and stay ahead in today's competitive real estate market.


The primary purpose of staging is not to decorate but rather to bring the property up to a level that will appeal to the broadest range of buyers and sell for the highest price possible. This course will explain staging best practices and how you can leverage a value proposition of staging and design to create more opportunity in your business.


Looking for courses that support Associations in meeting the needs of their members? With the Association Essentials bundle, you can offer a series of educational courses for your association members, including NAR Ethics and Fair Housing. Contact us for bulk pricing at


This course emphasizes how ethical licensee behavior promotes honesty and public trust in the real estate industry.

$16.00  |  ✓ NAR Ethics

Oregon Property Management Licensing Courses

Questions? Everything you need to know about Oregon property management licensing courses

How to become a property manager in Oregon

Complete a 60-hour property management pre-license training course and pass a state licensing exam.

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