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Certified Staging Professionals (CSP) Elite Agent Program

Setting The Stage to Maximizing Your Client's Equity Through Property Staging.

Complete this CSP elite program course to become a Certified Staging Professional at OnlineEd. This program will earn you a real estate marketing specialist status.


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Certified Staging Professionals (CSP) Elite Agent Program

This is a non-credit course. Not for license renewals.

The CSP International™ Staging Training Academy is proud to present the missing link for agents who want to List More, Sell More and Make More Money.

CSPElite™ is a comprehensive, work-at-your-own-pace online educational program, providing much-needed education for real estate agents. CSPElite™ provides the knowledge that agents need to leverage a leading marketing
concept to their advantage.

The program author is Christine Rae, Leading Staging Training Expert and bestselling author of Home Staging for Dummies and SOLD.

AGENTS: What’s In It For You?

You know the importance of detailing a car before selling, and of staging a home before listing. You grasp the significance of home staging, yet you struggle to convince sellers of its value –and frankly you are too busy to add this to your workload! If you relate to these challenges, then this program is for you!

This program is essential if:

  • you would prefer that someone else handle sticky conversations about your client’s property, so you can preserve your relationship with your client
  • you are interested in learning more about a proven marketing technique that makes listings sell 90% faster than average
  • you want to attract more listing appointments 
  • you wonder what your bottom-line would look like if you could reduce your marketing budget, close more deals, and sell more properties in less time than others

All of this and more is possible when you understand the ins and outs of how staging works for you, your client, and the buyer.

Staging done well is a powerful, marketing strategy used to enhance property for sale.

The results, time after time, illustrate how staging secures the most money for your client in the shortest time, while building your reputation as an agent who gets property sold!

The Real Estate Staging Association, through whom CSP® is accredited, reports that staged homes are on the market 90% less than non-staged.


is within the learning content of the UNIQUE CSP Elite™ Agent Training

  •  We believe that you are busy enough without the added stress of doing staging work yourself
  • You don’t have time to do staging thoroughly and correctly
  • Your client deserves effective, well-executed staging
  • You don’t do home inspection, mortgage arranging, title searching, painting, cleaning or grass cutting- so why would you schlep furniture?

Even if you have existing knowledge about staging, you will find that CSP® offers a comprehensive curriculum based on best practices for profitability, professionalism, business, and efficiencies (many of them set by CSP®). Perhaps the biggest reason to take the Elite™ Program is because your competitors are catching on, and you want to get the marketing edge in your local area.

This comprehensive workshop provides insight, principles, best practices and strategies for agents to assist property sellers maximize equity gain during the sale of a property… AND the benefits don’t stop there! After completing your training and examination, you will have the most sought-after designation, one which will propel your expertise forward and position you as the marketing expert you are! AND you will have access to incredible ideas for your marketing pieces that will help you and your clients.

Course Content

  • 2 two-hour recorded learning sessions taught personally by Christine Rae.
  • A companion workbook for note-taking PLUS a 100+ page reference manual titled "Maximizing Your Client's Equity with Staging" with lessons and information for easy reference.
  • An open book exam to certify your knowledge post-training, which needs to be completed to earn the prestigious CSP Elite™ Agent designation. This designation will grant you permission to use the specially developed agent logo in all marketing and promotional pieces for two years from your date of completion. (renewal thereafter is $50).
  • Certificate to verify skills as a Real Estate Marketing Specialist™ Logo for your use as a REMS™

Upon successful completion of the course, new Real Estate Marketing Specialists will also receive access to the CSP International™ Marketing Portal for unique marketing material specific to their new designation.

This course will remain available to students for 365 days after enrollment.

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Key Features
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Printable Certificate
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Price: $149.00 (USD)
Category: Vocational Training > Real Estate > Professional Development
Purpose: Setting The Stage to Maximizing Your Client's Equity Through Property Staging
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