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Oregon Property Management License Education Guide

Learn how to get a property management license in Oregon and choose the education right for you.

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You need to meet basic requirements before qualifying for a property manager license in Oregon.

How To Get Your Property Manager License in Oregon

To become an Oregon property manager, all applicants must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Have a high school diploma or GED
  3. Register with the Oregon Real Estate Agency
  4. Pass a 60-hour pre-license course
  5. Pass a state licensing exam
  6. Submit to a background check

Your first step will be to register with the Oregon Real Estate Agency as soon as possible. It may take several weeks for an application to be processed, so starting this step as soon as you can will decrease licensing wait time.

While waiting for the application to be processed, start studying for your licensing exam. To get started, register for one of our Oregon Real Estate Property Manager License Training packages. The courses are available online, and you can start learning how to manage property as soon as registration is complete.

Browse Our Oregon Real Estate Property Management Courses

The course has 19 segments with quizzes and a final exam.

Complete the Required Courses

The complete Oregon property management license training package is broken into 19 segments, each with a review quiz to help you remember the key points covered. Segments include:

  1. Introduction to Property Management
  2. Real Estate License Law
  3. The Property Management Agreement
  4. Operating a Property Management Business
  5. Trust Funds
  6. Property Management Trust Accounting
  7. Property Financial Statements
  8. Economics and Property Management
  9. Landlord and Tenant Law
  10. Fair Housing
  11. Contract Law Basics
  12. Lease Agreements and Commercial Property Management
  13. Real and Personal Property
  14. Estates in Real Property
  15. Forms of Real Property Ownership
  16. Transfer of Title and Conveyances
  17. Private and Public Land Use Controls
  18. Financing and Foreclosure
  19. Risk Management

At the end of the course is a final exam required by the OREA in order to demonstrate competency in the course's subject matter. The final exam is made up of multiple choice questions and requires a 75% or better score to pass.

Register for and pass the property manager license exam.

Schedule an Exam

After you have finished the 60-hour training program, your Applicant ID and record of successful completion will be submitted to the OREA's state licensing exam provider. You will then receive an email on how you can sign up and take the real estate licensing exam.

Submit fingerprints for a background check.

Background Check

While at the testing center, submit fingerprints for a background check. You will pay for the background check and fingerprint collection at the testing center after you successfully pass the state licensing exam. Processing your background check may take several weeks to complete.

Choose how you will work as a property manager.


Choose how to work:

  • Independently
  • For another licensed property manager
  • Under the supervision of an Oregon principal real estate broker

As an Oregon property manager, you can choose to work independently (either by using your own name or a registered business name), work for another licensed property manager, or work under the supervision of an Oregon principal real estate broker.

If you work on your own, log into the Oregon Real Estate Agency's eLicense website and choose the "Operate under my own license" registration (for your own name) or "Registered Business Name Application" (for registering a business name). If you are going to be working under another property manager or principal broker, then that individual will have to log into their eLicensing account and associate your property manager's license with their business.

Choose OnlineEd for your Oregon Property Management License Course

Half of all property managers in Oregon get their license training through OnlineEd. We provide the education you need to get your property management license.

  • Made in Oregon.
  • Everything is online.
  • Work at your own pace.
  • Exam prep materials included.
  • Get help from an assigned instructor.

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Courses are written in Oregon by practising real estate principal brokers.

Made in Oregon

Authored in-house by licensed, practising Oregon real estate principal brokers.

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OnlineEd is an Oregon-based company. Our Oregon property management license course is authored in-house by licensed, practicing Oregon real estate principal brokers.

Many other schools are out-of-state resellers of systems sold by large education providers. Our property management certification course and software are developed by and for OnlineEd. Because every property management course we sell is written by us, we can pass the savings onto you.

OnlineEd has earned the respect of real estate brokerages and state regulatory agencies since 1998.

All of our courses are approved by the Oregon Real Estate Agency (OREA).

Reviewed & Approved

Our course has been approved by the OREA and ARELLO.

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The OnlineEd real estate license training course meets the latest education requirements and has been approved by the Oregon Real Estate Agency.

Our property management license program has been rigorously reviewed, approved, and authorized for license training by the Oregon Real Estate Agency and by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). Our real estate prelicense courses are authored in-house by experienced real estate brokers and industry professionals.

Mobile Friendly

Complete courses on the go using your tablet or smart phone.

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You can take your Oregon property management license course using any internet-connected device including your computer, smartphone, or tablet! The site adapts to devices of all sizes and does not rely on proprietary apps or plugins. The course is entirely web-based. The OnlineEd system is compatible with all current web browsers and operating systems including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Instructors are there to help you each step of the way.

Instructors Available to Help

Have someone available to answer your questions throughout the course.

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Self-paced learning is great, but where can you turn when you have a question? With a designated instructor, just pick up the phone or send a quick email and get a friendly response.

Upon enrollment, you will be assigned a course instructor. You can contact your instructor if you need assistance understanding the material, have questions, or need help getting through the course. In addition, the instructor will review and (if necessary) comment on each quiz and final exam to assist you in understanding course concepts better.

Essential state exam prep tools to help you pass.

Real Estate Exam Prep

Points to remember and sample questions to assist you in preparing for the Oregon property manager exam.

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Includes points to remember and practice questions. Points to remember are a summary of the points in each chapter that are necessary for passing the state exam. Practice questions are a series of license exam sample questions organized by topic. They are very similar to those that may appear on the state real estate exam. A good working knowledge of these materials can be essential in passing the Oregon property manager license examination.

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