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Real Estate Investing Made Simple, Profitable... and Fun!

This four-part professional development (non CE) course covers how to build wealth with investment properties.


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Real Estate Investing Made Simple, Profitable... and Fun!

This is a non-credit course. Not for license renewals.

Investors want profitable properties – from single-family rental houses to duplexes to commercial buildings and beyond. Real estate professionals who can confidently evaluate these properties and present the information in a clear, understandable manner will provide valuable service to their clients and dominate this growing market.

You'll laugh and learn as your presenter, Tom Lundstedt, enthusiastically leads you through real-world rental property examples. When you've completed the 4-Part Online Series, you'll be able to comfortably "talk the talk" about essential topics including:

  • Cash flow
  • Rate of return
  • NOI
  • Depreciation
  • Income tax savings
  • Pricing rental property
  • 1031 exchanging
  • And much more

The 4-Part Online Series is a convenient, low-cost and efficient training option. It's available 24/7 with unlimited viewing. You complete each Part at a time and place convenient to you.

The Series consists of four, individual 90-minute sessions – each with a different emphasis:

  • Part 1, How to Be a Top-Notch BUYER - This session is designed to help you sell more property, become a better investor yourself... and leave you laughing! Most REALTORS® lose business by not being confident about working with real estate investors. They lack the tools necessary to capture this rewarding market. This session is a must for anyone interested in learning how to increase their income by working with investors. You'll learn how to analyze investment real estate before the purchase and how to maximize the tax savings.

  • Part 2, How to Be a Savvy SELLER - It takes at least as much knowledge and strategy to sell a property at the right time, as it does to buy... maybe more! Many real estate investors hold their property far too long. As their equity grows, the rate of return on that equity falls. This session demonstrates that property owners can greatly boost the rate of return – and increase their wealth – by moving the equity from their current property to one, or more, new properties. It's a powerful way to increase listings, plus make more sales.

  • Part 3, Price it Right - How to Value a Rental Property - Throughout America there are rental properties — big and small — that have been for sale for months (maybe even years). They remain unsold, in most cases, because they're overpriced. The REALTOR® who can successfully determine what a rental property is really worth — and then confidently explain the price to all parties involved — stands to prosper. This chapter will show you how to do just that.

  • Part 4, When, Why and How to Complete a 1031 Exchange - Exchanging has been called investment real estate's "most powerful tool." Today's tax laws and market conditions make exchanging more potent and beneficial than ever. Unfortunately, many real estate professionals have little or no familiarity with how it works.

    Exchanging is perceived as being extremely complicated and difficult. However, this session will prove that exchanging is much easier than you think. You'll learn a step-by-step method to analyze and complete a real estate exchange. Real-world case studies and examples will simplify exchanging for you and unlock its powerful potential. You'll see how savvy and successful real estate investors use exchanges to build wealth.

Course Objectives

Stand out from your competition by learning:

  • How to use simple, one-page worksheets to enlighten and motivate buyers
  • How to instantly determine if a rental property is overpriced
  • The huge tax deduction most people, including your accountant, overlook
  • When to sell, hold or refinance
  • How to maximize cash flow before tax
  • How to double your income tax savings
  • Why exchanging – rather than selling – is more attractive than ever
  • The best way to establish the value of a rental property
  • When and how to move equity from one property to another
  • A simple method to determine a property's investment value
  • How to eliminate capital gain tax

Included with each session is a pdf Study Guide that contains a course outline, worksheets and case studies. Also included are extra practice exercises for those who want to master what they've learned.

About the Instructor

Tom Lundstedt is known as the funniest investment and tax guy in America! His programs on real estate investing have entertained and enlightened more than 3,000 audiences from sea to shining sea. He's a former Major League Baseball player whose striking combination of humor and real world examples makes powerful subjects spring to life.

This course will remain available to students for 365 days after enrollment.

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Video segments highlight important points.
45-Page Study Guide
Includes a PDF student workbook that contains real-world case studies and worksheets
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Purpose: This four-part professional development (non CE) course covers how to build wealth with investment properties.
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