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Oregon Real Estate Continuing Education Guide

How to renew your Oregon real estate license and choose the correct continuing education courses.

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Quick Guide to Oregon Real Estate CE:

First time renewing your current Oregon real estate license?

Second or subsequent license renewal?

Oregon Real Estate Continuing Education Requirements

Oregon requires 30 hours of continuing education for brokers, principal brokers, and property managers. Which specific courses you need will depend on your license type and how long you have had that license.

First-Time Renewals

If this is the first time that you have ever renewed your current Oregon real estate license, you will need to take a special post-license course according to your license type:

Subsequent Renewals

If this is the second or subsequent renewal of your current license, then you can take any 30 hours of continuing education that you choose. OnlineEd provides a huge range of online Oregon CE courses for your license renewal in convenient packages or a la carte.

Everyone must take a 3-hour Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC), regardless of real estate license type. This course is intended to keep licensees up to date on the latest changes to Oregon real estate law and regulations. OnlineEd provides this real estate course FREE, no strings attached! This course is also bundled with all of our continuing education packages at no extra charge.

View our entire catalog for other options:

Oregon Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

Once you have completed all of your CE courses, you are ready to renew your license.

How to renew your license through the Oregon Real Estate Agency

After completing 30 hours of Oregon real estate continuing education, licensees can submit their renewal application to the OREA by using the agency's eLicensing system.

In Oregon, real estate licensees do not need to submit their continuing education certificates to the Real Estate Agency. Instead, the OREA requires licensees to keep track of their completed continuing education through the eLicensing website.

Copies of the continuing education course completion certificates must be kept by the real estate licensee for 3 years and be available for review if the Real Estate Agency requests an audit. We also maintain your records online as backups.

Choose OnlineEd For Your Oregon Real Estate Continuing Education

Thousands of real estate agents choose OnlineEd for their Oregon real estate continuing education. We would love to earn your business, too.

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