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Rhode Island Real Estate Courses

Rhode Island Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

Questions? Everything you need to know about Rhode Island real estate continuing education courses

How to renew your Rhode Island real estate license

Rhode Island real estate salespersons and brokers with active licenses need to complete 24 hours of continuing education every two years.

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Learn the conditions & contingencies involved in real estate transactions with this license course at OnlineEd. This course contains 4 hrs. of reading material.


This course is designed to give a comprehensive understanding of environmental issues that may arise in real estate. Take this real estate license course today.


Divided into five segments, this real estate ethics course teaches ethical conduct based on federal and state laws. Renew your real estate license at OnlineEd.


This course provides you with a strategy, which if followed, will assist in minimizing risk and thereby increasing profit.


Rhode Island Real Estate Professional Development Courses

Learn how to sell expensive luxury homes and market to high-end clients.

Become an accredited luxury home specialist with this comprehensive OnlineEd course. With this course, we'll help expand your expertise in real estate.


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Rhode Island Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Courses