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Construction Lien Law

Selling new or remodeled houses can present a financial risk to the client. This course will present an overview of Oregon Construction Lien Law and suggest specific issues the real estate broker should consider when involved in transactions where...


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Course Goals

This course discusses the protections that the construction lien law provides the property owner as well as the technical requirements a contractor or material provider must follow in order to protect their lien rights. Issues relating to filing a lien and the foreclosure of that lien are also explored.

There are procedures that protect the purchaser of real property against unperfected construction liens. These procedures are important considerations in many real estate transactions and must be understood by all practicing licensees.

Course Details

This 2-hour course is divided into four chapters and contains review quizes at the end of each chapter.

A 10-question final exam in multiple-choice format is presented at the end of the course. An Oregon real estate continuing education course completion certificate will be available for download after passing the final exam.

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