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Legalized Marijuana and its Impact on Real Estate Practice

Learn more about the influence this plant product has made on the real estate industry.


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This course is an overview of legalized marijuana on the real estate industry. State legalization of marijuana is of special interest to real estate professionals because it raises issues in both residential and commercial real estate. Licensees must evaluate the ethical implications involved, including reporting requirements and the level of expertise needed to properly assist clients and customers. Commercial and residential landlords must understand their rights under the law, raising the potential problem of unauthorized practice of law already familiar to real estate professionals.

This course will start with a general overview of the marijuana industry and look at the economical impact it has on states. We'll then go over some considerations when dealing with marijuana and real estate property. Finally we'll cover Oregon-specific issues. It does not contain instructions on how to properly grow or cultivate marijuana.

Course Content

This one-hour course is divided into five sections. An optional 10-question final exam is presented at the end of the course. After completing the Oregon Real Estate Agency mandated seat time, an Oregon real estate continuing education certificate will be available for printing.

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