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How Millennials and Smart Homes are Changing Real Estate

This video course explains how Millennials and Smart Homes are changing the way real estate is purchased and sold.


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Presented by Earth Advantage, this video course explains how Millennials and Smart Home are changing the way that real estate is purchased and sold. Millennials (individuals who were born between the early 1980s and late 1990s) are now the largest consumer segment in the U.S. and many have a different outlook when it comes to buying properties. This population segment is also hyper-connected to technology and these preferences are now apparent in real estate through smart home products and features. The "internet of things" (IOT) and connected-device market is exploding and the first products are already seeing widespread adoption.

Take this course and learn how to best meet a Millennial client's expectations and recommend smart home features.

This course will help you:

  • Understand the demographics of the Millennial Generation

  • Learn about their buying preferences and how that relates to green, energy efficient homes

  • Learn about smart home devices (such as thermostats, lighting, smoke detectors, security cameras, water heaters, door locks, and more) and the current/future potential of connected devices

  • Review current and historic market trends

  • Identify take-away strategies for connecting with Millennials

  • Provide advice to Millennial clients about upgrading existing homes for smart technology, energy efficiency and sustainability

Course Content

This online video course is divided into six parts totaling approximately 50 minutes of video content. Each video must be watched in its entirety to move onto the next video. At the end of the course is a short 12-question test with a 70% minimum passing score. A course completion certificate will be generated after the final exam has been successfully completed.

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