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Virginia Real Estate Continuing Education

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How To Renew Your Virginia Real Estate License

The Real Estate Board, a part of the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, manages the license status of Virginia salespersons and brokers. The Board has different continuing education requirements for the two licensing classes:

  • Salespersons who have renewed once before are required to take 16 hours of continuing education. Eight of the 16 hours must be in mandatory courses, and the remaining 8 can be in elective courses.

    The mandatory salesperson courses are: 3 hours of Ethics, 2 hours of Fair Housing, 1 hour of Legal Updates, 1 hour of Agency, and 1 hour of Contracts.

  • Salespersons who are on their initial Virginia real estate license renewal must take a post-licensing 30 hour course instead. The post-license course must be completed within 1 year of obtaining the Virginia real estate license. A new licensee can either follow the Residential Real Estate track, the Commercial Real Estate track, or the Property Management track. The post-licensing courses can not be used for continuing education credits.

    Brokers must complete 24 hours of continuing education before the license expiration date. Sixteen of the 24 required hours must be in mandatory course topics, and the remaining 8 hours can be elective topics.

    The mandatory broker courses are: 8 hours of Broker Management, 3 hours of Ethics, 2 hours in Fair Housing, 1 hour of Legal Updates, 1 hour in Agency, and 1 hour in Contracts.

All licensees (broker or salesperson) who need to renew their license before July 1, 2009, must take a 2 hour course on Limited Service Agency. This Virginia real estate continuing education course is a Virginia Real Estate Board requirement and does not count towards the necessary 16 or 24 credit hours. The LSA course only needs to be completed once.

The Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation will mail renewal notice forms out to licensees. Even if a licensee did not receive a copy of the renewal form, he/she is still responsible for making sure the license remains active. A licensee does have up to 30 days after the expiration date of the license to pay the renewal fee, but will have to pay a penalty reinstatement fee if the licensee allows this grace period to expire as well.

There is an online system for Virginian licensees to help speed up the license renewal process. There will be a PIN printed on the license renewal notice that is mailed out by DPOR. This PIN is used to access the online renewal system and is only valid until the end of the 30 day grace period.