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California Real Estate Broker License Training

The education you need for your California real estate career.

California Broker courses are correspondence courses with physical textbooks.

Get Your California Broker License!

Courses include a physical textbook, online quizzes and online final exam.

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OnlineEd's California real estate broker pre-license courses are correspondence courses that come with physical textbooks. Chapter quizzes and the final exam are taken online. To make progress in the course, read each chapter in the textbook and then take the associated quizzes online. Once all of the quizzes have been passed successfully, you will need to pass a final exam.

These courses are approved for pre-license credit by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE).

Print your own completion certificates after finishing each course.

Printable Certificates

Instant. No waiting for anything in the mail.

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After you finish a course, you will be able to print your own certificate that has everything needed to verify completion with the DRE and submit your real estate license application.

California real estate broker courses are available individually or in a package.

Bundled or Separate

Get complete packages or specific courses as needed.

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Our real estate broker courses are available in one convenient package. You can choose to purchase all of the courses you need bundled together, or buy each 45-hour course separately.

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How to Get Your Real Estate Broker License in California

The requirements for a broker license applicant at 18 or older, honest, and with two years full-time salesperson experience or equivalent.


You must be 18 or older, honest, and have sufficient experience to qualify for a California Broker license.

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To get a real estate broker license in California you must be 18 or older. If you are not a resident of California, then you will need to examine the Out-of-State applicant requirements.

You must have at least two years of full-time experience as a licensed real estate salesperson within the last five years, or equivalent experience.

Being convicted of a crime can result in your application for a license being denied. Not disclosing any criminal violations or disciplinary action in your entire history can also result in denial. For further information, see Avoid Potential Denial of Your License Application at the California Department of Real Estate.

California brokers need eight 45-hour pre-license courses.

Complete the Required Courses

To become licensed as a California real estate broker, you must have completed a total of eight 45-hour pre-license training courses.

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To become a California real estate broker you must complete eight 45-hour pre-license training courses.

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Two of these were required courses for your salesperson license and you probably already completed them:

The following four courses are required for your broker license:

You must also complete two broker elective courses:

Our broker prelicense correspondence course contains five 45-hour courses that you will need for broker prelicense education.

California Real Estate BROKER Pre-License Training Package

Note: Our salesperson prelicense package includes Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Principals, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate. If you have taken these three courses for your salesperson prelicense training, then our broker package contains everything you need. If not, you may need Legal Aspects of Real Estate, or you may need to select courses individually.

The California real estate exam must be taken, fingerprints provided, broker application submitted.

Schedule an Exam

Apply for real estate exam and broker license, then submit fingerprints.

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Complete an application for a broker examination and license. See full instructions at how to apply for the Broker Exam.

After passing the exam, submit a set of fingerprints to the State Department of Justice. A license cannot be issued until DRE receives fingerprint response information. See full instructions on Fingerprint Requirements.

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Get the California real estate broker courses that are right for you.

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