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Law and Rule Required Course (2020-2021)

Oregon CE 3 Hours Online Course Real Estate Law and Regulation

Required for every Oregon real estate license renewal

This Oregon real estate laws and regulations course is required to renew a broker or principal broker real estate license. Take this free LARRC online!

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This Oregon law and regulation changes update course is required to renew a broker or principal broker Oregon real estate license. Sign up for this free LARRC with OnlineEd!

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Credit Hours: 3
Category: Real Estate > Continuing Education > Oregon > Real Estate Law and Regulation
Purpose: Required for every Oregon real estate license renewal
Features: Online Text, Online Video, Online Audio, Printable Certificate, PDF eBook

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Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC) for 2020-2021

Course ID: 1038-1139

Credit Hours Provided: 3

Category: Real Estate Law and Regulation

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This 2020-2021 updated LARRC is designed to inform Oregon licensees of new law changes relating to real estate as passed by the Oregon Legislature. The Oregon Real Estate Agency requires that all licensees take a Law And Rule Required Course (LARRC) as part of their 30 hours of continuing education credit.

The topics covered in this LARRC course are:

  1. House Bill 2001 - Eliminating single-family zoning
  2. House Bill 608 - Rent control
  3. Review of other rules and laws
  4. Updating real estate law
  5. Advertising refresher
  6. Radon

Course Content

This Oregon real estate course consists of timed video presentations and online reading materials. This course does not contain a final exam. A continuing education course completion certificate usable towards Oregon REA continuing education requirements will be issued after completing the course.

This course will remain available to students for 730 days after enrollment.

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