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Legal Capacity: Working with a Questionably Competent Client

Oregon CE 1.5 Hours Online Course Real Estate Consumer Protection


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Credit Hours: 1.5
Category: Vocational Training > Real Estate > Continuing Education > Oregon > Real Estate Consumer Protection
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Legal Capacity: Working with a Questionably Competent Client

Course ID: 8519

Credit Hours Provided: 1.5

Category: Real Estate Consumer Protection

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Real estate professionals are sometimes required to work with clients with impaired mental capacity, who may be questionably competent or who may be represented by someone in a fiduciary capacity. Wes Fitzwater, J.D. will discuss:

  • Various standards of legal capacity
  • Practical steps when working with a questionably competent client
  • Steps to be taken with an incapacitated client and how to report potential abuse
  • Legal tools such as powers of attorney, trusts, and conservatorships
  • The duties and liabilities of a fiduciary (POA, trustee, joint account holder)
  • The red flags of undue influence and elder abuse

Course Content

This online course is approximately one-and-a-half hours long. It consists of a prerecorded webinar presentation divided into 15 sections. Each video must be watch in its entirety to move onto the next video. A course completion certificate for Oregon CE credit will be issued after completing the course.

This course will remain available to students for 365 days after enrollment.