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California Foreclosure

Become better familiar with distressed properties and the foreclosure process.


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California Foreclosure

This is a non-credit course. Not for license renewals.

This course is designed for real estate licensees to become better informed about the agent’s role in foreclosure properties. The agent may be called upon before the lender begins the foreclosure process, during the process, and again, after it is complete, in order to sell the property.

At the end of this course, you will be able to 

  1. Remember and recall the foreclosure process, specifically the difference between judicial and non-judicial foreclosures.

  2. Define and understand statutory right of redemption (certain states).

  3. Identify due process for borrowers and required time frames for notices, hearings, and evictions (varies from state to state).

  4. Understand the agent’s role in the process: CMAs, BPOs, Trash Outs, Cash for Keys, securing the property, inspecting, and management.

  5. Identify issues associated with being a foreclosure agent, including broker's policy, E & O insurance, etc.

  6. Analyze foreclosure business and make an informed decision about this specialty.

This course will remain available to students for 365 days after enrollment.

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Purpose: Become better familiar with distressed properties and the foreclosure process.
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