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[Premier] Oregon Personal Lines Insurance

Oregon Pre-License 20 Hours Online Course Bundle

Personal Lines Insurance Pre-License online course to get a license to sell insurance in Oregon. Premium package.


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Included Standard:

Includes Video Bound Textbook Online Flashcards Test Simulator Instructor Support Printable Certificate PDF & EPUB eBook

Key Features:

Includes Video

Video segments highlight important points

Bound Textbook

Includes bound textbooks you can keep forever.

Online Flashcards

Online interactive flashcards keep score of your improving vocabulary.

Test Simulator

Practice tests simulate a real licensing exam and help you mentally prepare.

Instructor Support

An industry veteran is available to help answer your questions.

Printable Certificate

Download and print your own certificate.

PDF & EPUB eBook

Includes PDF/EPUB eBook of all reading material for your tablet or Kindle.

This package prepares students to meet the educational requirements to obtain a personal lines insurance producer license in Oregon and is approved by the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation. The course is delivered entirely over the internet. This course package includes:

  • Oregon Personal Lines Insurance: This 20-hour course covers all required information for earning a personal lines insurance producer license in Oregon. We'll start with an overview of insurance terminology and regulations, then move on to property and homeowners insurance, liability insurance, personal auto insurance, and finally miscellaneous insurance such as marine and flood.

  • Personal Lines Exam Prep: This course is a test simulation of the personal lines producer licensing exam. The practice exam will present 100 questions with a 2-hour time limit. Students can take the practice exam as many times as needed to become confident to register for the actual Oregon licensing exam.

This package of courses also includes video commentary from the instructor at the end of each chapter, helping you retain the key points you will need to remember to become a licensed personal lines insurance producer. This package includes a proactive instructor who will give feedback on your learning progress in addition to live instructor support by telephone and email. Another feature of this package is that it includes a student textbook of the Oregon Personal Lines Insurance course.

Please see the course descriptions below for more information and to download the course syllabus.

Package Summary

Price: $155.00 (USD)
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Credit Hours: 20
Category: Vocational Training > Insurance > License Training > Oregon
Purpose: Personal Lines Insurance Pre-License online course to get a license to sell insurance in Oregon. Premium package.
Features: online video, textbook, online flashcards, test simulator, proactive instructor, printable certificate, PDF eBook

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Enrollment Agreement:

Purchase of this package requires that you read and acknowledge an Enrollment Agreement before receiving credit for any courses contained in this package. Please review the following:

Courses Included In This Package:

[Premier] Oregon Personal Lines Insurance

Credit Hours Provided: 20

View Course Syllabus

Catalog Effective Date: January 1, 2023

The Course

This course prepares students to meet the educational requirements to obtain a personal lines insurance producer license in Oregon and is approved by the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation. As a part of its pre-license requirements, Oregon requires the completion of the study and mastery of nine topics. These nine topics are presented under the unit headings below.

  1. General Insurance Terms and Related Concepts
  2. Property Insurance
  3. Liability Insurance
  4. Dwelling Property Forms
  5. Homeowners Insurance
  6. Personal Auto Insurance
  7. Miscellaneous Personal Insurance
  8. Insurance Regulations
  9. Insurer-Producer Regulations

Each unit is further divided into chapters. At the end of each chapter, a review exercise will test the student's comprehension of the chapter topic. At the end of the course, a final examination will test the student's comprehension of the topics presented in each of the units. In order to demonstrate competency in each unit and to earn the course completion certificate, the student will need to obtain a final examination score equivalent to a "C" (75% or better).

Course Instructor and Applicant Support

Upon enrollment, you will be attached to an OnlineEd course instructor. Each OnlineEd course instructor is licensed as an Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission vocational instructor, approved as an insurance producer by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), and was rigorously vetted, approved, and trained by OnlineEd to meet our requirements for online course instruction.

Your instructor is available for you to contact either by telephone or email, during scheduled hours, whenever you think contact will be helpful to review or explain course content or quizzes. Your instructor will also automatically review course assessments to make sure you understand course concepts. Our course is delivered as adult education, so you can use your instructor as little or as much as you like.

OnlineEd's chief insurance course Instructor is Larry Brown. Larry has been OnlineEd's lead insurance instructor and subject matter expert since 2008. He also assists with ongoing development and instruction of the OnlineEd course materials.

Technical support questions should be directed to OnlineEd, LLC and not the instructor. Students are not required to use this service. OnlineEd reserves the right refuse instructor support to students that abuse this service.


This OnlineEd course may be completed by the student at the student's own pace. The student has 60 calendar days from the time of enrollment to complete the course.

Enrollment Extensions

If your course expires, you may extend it up to five times. Extensions are for 30 days from the date of the end of the original enrollment period (not from the date the extension is requested) and must be accompanied by the applicable extension fee. If you withdraw from the course or request a refund, and then want to continue the course, you must enroll in the course again, at the current catalog price, and start over from the beginning. Should you have a medical emergency, death in the family, or other extenuating circumstance that prevents you from completing your course during its enrollment period, you may petition the School Director for a one-time Extenuating Circumstance Extension Fee Waiver. Extenuating Circumstance Extension Fee Waivers are are not automatic, are at the option of the School Director, and should be directed to the School Director's Office at:

Equipment Required

With exception of instructor support offered by telephone and email, the course, its materials, and delivery system are entirely over the internet. In order to be able to access and complete the course, you will need access to the internet and an internet-ready computer system or mobile device. Our OnlineEd delivery method works with all modern web browsers and operating systems.

The course may be read online, be printed to your printer, or saved to disc. Most chapters are also available in MP3 audio format. If you would like a printed soft-bound book copy of the course for study or reference, select a course package that includes a book or purchase one at catalog price, plus shipping. Regardless of your study method, the course must be completed online.

Course Prerequisites

There are no education prerequisites for taking the OnlineEd Oregon insurance pre-license course. However, the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation does have requirements to obtain an insurance license. Completion of this course is only one of those requirements. Other requirements are:

  • Licensing examination and fee
  • Fingerprint checks
  • License application and fee
  • Live or maintain a business in Oregon

Agency Information

If you have questions about whether or not you qualify for an insurance producer license, please contact the Division of Financial Regulation.

Division of Financial Regulation (website)
350 Winter St. NE, Room 410, Salem, OR 97309

Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission (website)
3225 25th Street SE, Salem, OR 97302 

The Division of Financial Regulations requires licensing candidates to be at least 18 years of age to obtain an Oregon producer license. Students must be 18 years old or older to enroll in this course.

This course will remain available to students for 60 days after enrollment.

Personal Lines Insurance Exam Prep

This insurance exam prep and training course is a simulation of the state personal lines insurance licensing exam. The test simulator is a practice test and does not affect your course completion requirements.

This Exam Prep course will assist you in preparation for the state exam. The course consists of a "state test simulator" with questions similar to those found on the state test that you can practice with until you feel ready to take the state test.

This course will remain available to students for 365 days after enrollment.

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