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Oregon Insurance Pre-License Education

Learn how to get an insurance producer license and start a career in insurance. OnlineEd provides the insurance pre-license education needed to get an insurance producer license in Oregon for Life, Health, Personal Lines, and Property & Casualty insurance. Work at your own pace using our internet-based system. Work with a proactive instructor throughout the course. No special software required. All the material is online, so you can start preparing for your insurance licensing exam!

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How To Get An Insurance Producer License In Oregon

To become an insurance producer in Oregon, you need a license for the specific type of insurance you want to work with. To obtain an insurance producer license, you need to:

  1. Take an OnlineEd pre-license training course in the insurance line you wish to be licensed in
  2. Schedule and pass an Oregon insurance licensing exam
  3. Have your fingerprints scanned at the testing center and submit to a background check
  4. Apply for your insurance license at the National Insurance Producer Registry

The first step in becoming an Oregon insurance producer is completing your OnlineEd Insurance Producer License training. With OnlineEd, you can work at your own pace with a proactive instructor and get it done any time, any place.

The OnlineEd Insurance Producer License Training Program

OnlineEd has several Oregon insurance online training courses available. We offer Oregon insurance license courses in Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance, and Personal Lines Insurance. Our insurance licensing course feature:

  • Extensive learning materials - The Oregon insurance license course is written by practicing insurance professionals. You will be fully trained to take the insurance licensing exam.
  • Mastery-based learning - You make advancement when you understand the material. We have one of the highest licensing exam pass rates in the state, meaning that OnlineEd insurance students are thoroughly trained in the discipline they are licensing in.
  • Everything is online - You don't need books, CDs, or special software. If you can read this, you have everything you need!
  • Audio download - If you are on-the-go, you can still study by listening to the course using your favorite mp3 audio player.
  • Mobile Phone and Tablet Support - You don't have to just use your computer to study. You can also use your smartphone or tablet device!
  • Exam prep module - The insurance licensing exam preparation course is included, containing hundreds of questions for each of the different lines of insurance. The study and testing guide covers the topics that you'll be tested on during the state licensing exam, and will give you feedback as to what question topics you may need to study before taking the state exam.

There are three styles of training packages available from OnlineEd: [Premier], [Standard], and [Basic]

  • [Premier] insurance courses have all of the available features from OnlineEd. These course packages have the online training material, exam prep module, and audio mp3 files, yet they also come with supplementary textbooks of the course material for students who like to have a paper workbook to mark notes on. [Premier] course packages come with proactive instructor support, who will review each of your chapter quizzes and send you feedback on areas you may want to study. These insurance courses also have classroom prerecorded video segments at the end of each chapter, allowing you to view an actual class lecture from wherever you are.

    Please note that the textbooks are study guides; all course testing is still done online. The end-of-course final exam becomes available after you complete all of the online course content.

  • [Standard] course packages contain the online course materials and video reviews, exam prep module, MP3 audio downloads, and certificate of completion. An instructor is available by telephone or email if you have questions or need additional clarification, but [Standard] does not include physical textbooks or proactive instructor support.

  • [Basic] insurance courses contain the online course materials, exam prep modules, and the audio mp3 files. [Basic] courses do not come with a printed textbook, the lecture videos, or the instructor feedback on quizzes. Your course instructor will still available if you have questions about the learning materials.

The Oregon insurance license package you select should be based on your comfort level of the insurance industry. If you are completely new to the insurance field, the [Premier] package could be the most benefit to you. If you have some familiarity with insurance and won't need a proactive instructor to guide you through the course, the [Standard] might suit you the best. If you already work in the insurance industry and just need to complete education requirements to become licensed in Oregon, then the [Basic] package would be the best fit for you.

OnlineEd also offers a General Lines Insurance Adjuster study course to help candidates prepare for the Oregon general lines insurance adjuster licensing exam. Completing this course is not required by the Oregon Division of Financial Regulations to qualify for the insurance adjuster licensing exam.

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If you have questions about which pre-license package will work best for you, please call our school office at 1-866-519-9597.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get an insurance producer's license?

You need to take the required pre-license training courses for the type of insurance you want to work with, pass a state insurance test, and then complete a state license application.

How long do the courses take to complete?
Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and Personal Lines Insurance are 20 hours each. Property and Casualty Insurance is a 40-hour course. Because the course is mastery based, students can work at their own pace. Students must sign a timesheet form as proof of the state hour requirements. Course access varies depending on the package purchased. Extensions can be made available on request.
What does the OnlineEd pre-license package include?
  • The complete Oregon required course learning material
  • 100% online, printer friendly course delivery
  • A state-approved proactive instructor
  • Online testing and grading
  • State approved course completion certificates
  • The state exam-prep module to help prepare you for the state test
  • The final exam can be retaken to practice for the state test
How is the course delivered?
The course is entirely online and is also available in a printer friendly format. Your learning materials, exams, and instructor support are all delivered through your web browser. You will not need CDs or other software. You can access your OnlineEd account through any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.
What is a proactive instructor?
Upon enrollment, you will be assigned a course instructor. You can contact your instructor if you need help understanding the material, have questions, or need help getting through the course. In the [Premier] packages, the instructor will review and (if necessary) comment on each quiz and the final exam to assist you in understanding course concepts better.
What do I need to take the course?
If you can read this, you already have everything you need! The course is entirely web-based. You will be able to access your account from any computer with an internet connection. The OnlineEd system works will all major browsers and operating systems.
What makes the OnlineEd course different from competitors?
  • The OnlineEd course is written by OnlineEd. Most other schools are simply resellers of systems sold by large education providers.
  • A proactive instructor. Self-paced learning is great, but where can you turn when you have a question? With an instructor, just pick up the phone or send a quick email and get a friendly response.
  • Value-priced. Because every course we sell is written by us, we save on overhead licensing costs. We can pass the savings onto you.
  • Highly recommended. OnlineEd is used by over 700 real estate offices, organizations, real estate schools, and colleges.

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