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Succession Planning for Brokers: Continuing Your Legacy

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Succession Planning for Brokers: Continuing Your Legacy

This is a non-credit course. Not for license renewals.

The objective of this course is to motivate and educate the broker owner – regardless of the stage of his or her career or life cycle – to tackle a succession planning and development process which culminates in a written document that becomes the blueprint for ultimately transitioning the company to the next generation of owners/managers.

In this course we'll cover

  • Chapter 1: The Purpose and Impact of Succession Planning
  • Chapter 2: Evaluating Your Circumstances
  • Chapter 3: Universal Succession Planning Factors
  • Chapter 4: Short term Emergency Preparedness
  • Chapter 5: Family Ownership/Management Transition
  • Chapter 6: Non-Family Ownership/Management Transition
  • Chapter 7: Selling Your Company via Merger or Acquisition
  • Chapter 8: Company Dissolution

How you benefit from taking this course:

  • Learn the purpose and impact of succession planning
  • Be able to evaluate your circumstances
  • Review relevant universal succession planning factors
  • Discover the various types and How-Tos of common succession plans
  • Determine how to create a short-term Emergency Preparedness
  • Learn how to navigate Family Ownership or Management Transition
  • Non-Family Ownership/Management Transition
  • Selling Your Company via Merger or Acquisition
  • and More!

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This course will remain available to students for 365 days after enrollment.

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