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California CE 3 Hours Correspondence/Internet Ethics

Receive credit towards your NAR biennial Ethics training requirement.

This course emphasizes how ethical licensee behavior promotes honesty and public trust in the real estate industry.
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The course emphasizes that the standards of ethical conduct in the practice of real estate are based upon the National Association of Realtor's® Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and upon federal and state laws governing conduct applicable to the practice of real estate.


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Hours: 3 Hours
Category: Real Estate > Continuing Education > California > Ethics
Purpose: Receive credit towards your NAR biennial Ethics training requirement.
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General Information Page

DRE Sponsor Number: 4056

Hours Provided: 3

Category: Ethics

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Course Goals:

The course emphasizes that the standards of ethical conduct in the practice of real estate are based upon the National Association of REALTORS┬« Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and upon federal and state laws governing conduct applicable to the practice of real estate. The concept of misrepresentation and all of its implications to the daily practice of real estate is discussed in detail. This course is an article-by-article dissection of the Code of Ethics, organized in three major topic areas:

  1. The licensee's ethical conduct with respect to clients and customers
  2. The licensee's duty to the public
  3. The licensee's duties to fellow REALTORS®.

A detailed discussion of specific ethical conduct under each of these three general categories will give the licensee an excellent basis upon which to conduct an ethical practice of real estate.

NAR members are required to complete 2.5 hours of Ethics training every three years. This course qualifies towards your good membership standing with NAR. NAR members must now take an ethics course or training equivalency from a local, state, or national REALTOR┬« association to receive credit towards their Code of Ethics training requirement.


This is a correspondence course provided via the internet. The course material is made available as an electronic download after registration. After studying the material, students will need to complete an online quiz for each chapter and pass an online final exam at the end of the course.

No other method of taking or completing this course is allowed.

Course Materials

This course is composed of 3 hours of reading material. The course is divided into several segments with review quizzes at the end of each segment. The course is delivered in a downloadable Adobe PDF format and may be read on any compatible computer or mobile device. All testing must be taken online.

The course authors are Harlow Spaan, Jeff Sorg, and the OnlineEd staff. Copyright 2005-2018. This course may not be reproduced in any form without written permission of OnlineEd.

At the end of the course a final examination is required. The final examination consists of 15 multiple choice questions. A test score of 70% or greater is required for course completion. The final examination is not downloadable or printable.

The final exam has a time limit of one minute per question served, for a total of 15 minutes available for the final exam as required by current California Department of Real Estate regulations.

DRE requirements allow for ONE re-take of a failed final exam. A second failure will result in a failing score for the entire course and it must be purchased again for credit.

The content of the course is written by Sorg & Spaan, LLC, copyright 2005-2018, and published as "Ethics" by OnlineEd, Inc.

Course Details

This course provides 3 hours of continuing education in the category of Ethics.

Course Identification Statement

In order to verify your identity, you will be asked to provide at the time of enrollment and again prior to taking the final examination certain information to verify your identity. Among the types of identification that may be asked for are your current California driver's license, current identification permitted under the California Vehicle Code, or any identification issued to you by a governmental agency or a recognized real estate related trade organization that was issued within the immediately preceding five years that bears your photograph, signature, and identification number. In addition, you will also be asked to provide answers to additional security questions, the answers to which are unique to you.


All tuition and fees paid for the course are due and refundable when: (A) the course of instruction is discontinued by OnlineEd and such discontinuation has prevented a student from completing the course, or (B) the enrollment of the student was procured as a result of any misrepresentation in promotional materials by the school or its employees, All refunds will be completed within 30 days after the effective date of termination of enrollment. Refunds will not be given to any student after the student has successfully registered in a course and has been provided access to the course materials.


This course has no prerequisites.

DRE Disclaimer

This course is approved for continuing education credit by the California Department of Real Estate. However, this approval does not constitute an endorsement of the views or opinions that are expressed by the course sponsor, instructor, authors or lecturers.

OnlineEd Disclaimer

The California Department of Real Estate does not approve nor endorse any of the forms used in this course with the exception of those prescribed by State and Federal Law. While this publication is designed to be accurate information about the subject matter it covers, it is sold with the understanding that the distributor, author, and publisher are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional advice. If such advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. The recipient is cautioned to check with their managing supervisor before acting on any suggestion or recommendation, or before using any sample form contained herein.

Course Evaluation:

After completing this course you are encouraged to complete the California Department of Real Estate's online course evaluation form. You can access this evaluation at http://www.dre.ca.gov/files/pdf/forms/re318a.pdf.

Course Provider Complaint Statement

A course provider complaint form is available on the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) website at www.dre.ca.gov. Access this form by typing in "RE 340" in the search box located in the upper right corner of the home page. An informational form regarding course provider complaints, "RE 340A" is also available.

This course will remain available to students for 365 days after purchase.

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