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Create Your Own Training Program

Train staff on compliance topics with preloaded courses.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Red Flags, ECOA, HMDA, and more.

All training is online and automated.

Assign different training to different departments.


Take Training Online

Employees receive email notices of upcoming training deadlines.

Courses are taken online and records are automatically kept.

Courses are provided and maintained by OnlineEd, LLC. No third-party services required.


Manage Policies & Procedures Online

Use a provided set of policy templates written and reviewed by industry professionals.

Store, revise, and track your policies and procedures online.

Policies are version-controlled. Track which versions have been acknowledged.



Employees are notified when new versions are published.

Important changes are conveniently highlighted.

Keep automated records on who has read policies.


Live Reports, Any Time

Quickly access online records on training and policy acknowledgement.

Filter by department, course, and compliance status.

Always up to date. No waiting for reports to compile.


Automatic Record Keeping

The system automatically tracks training completion status and policy acknowledgement.


Automated Compliance Reports

Get automated reports in your email in PDF, CSV, and HTML.

Customize your email reports to show what you need, when you need it.



100% Web-Based Cloud Service

No installation required.

No IT integration headaches.

Set up your own account. Get started immediately.

Upgrades are free and automatic when released.


Easy Access From Anywhere

Employees can access their training, policies and procedures, and other documents from any device with an internet connection.

Mobile friendly website allows employees to take training on the go or in their spare time.


Standard service is:

Billing is monthly for companies with 7 or more persons. Billing is annual for companies with less than 7 persons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does education automation work?

All employees are assigned to departments you define. Education is then assigned to departments for one-time or recuring training. You pick the dates and time ranges; the computer does the rest. Email notifications are automatically send to all employees when training is due. Courses are taken online and records are automatically kept by the system. Log into your administrative account to see who has completed training.

What courses are included?

Recommended Annually for Federal Compliance:

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Fair Lending

Recommended One-Time Training:

  • ECOA Compliance Training
  • ECOA Adverse Action Rules
  • Red Flags / Identity Theft
  • Understanding HMDA
  • Understanding RESPA
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act

Specialty Training:

  • Mortgage Advertising Practices
  • Servicemember Civil Relief Act
  • Loan Originator Compensation Rule
  • Qualified Mortgages and the Ability-to-Repay Rule
  • Dodd-Frank: Higher-Priced Mortgage Loans
  • Alternative Mortgage Transaction Parity Act
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

How do I benefit from using the OnlineEd Mortgage LMS system?

Our cloud service administers and tracks all compliance education online. Just set it up and relax. The Mortgage LMS is designed to be simple and tailored for the mortgage industry. Using OnlineEd instead of a full-time trainer can save tens of thousands a year.

What policy and procedure templates are included?

We currently offer policies that cover Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Business Compliance topics. There are over 100 pages of tightly written policies and procedures that you can either adopt as-is for your company or use as a starting point in developing your own. Add, remove, or modify the information as you see fit.

Do I have to use the provided policy and procedure templates?

No. You can completely ignore this feature or upload your own policies and procedures for online management.

Are there limits on the number of employees?

No. However, we understand that larger companies often have special training needs. Please obtain a free quote or contact us to discuss your options.

What if I need customized education?

We have over 15 years of experience in developing online education. We can customize existing courses for your special needs or even develop entirely new education for your growing company. Just contact us to discuss.

Does annual NMLS continuing education count towards compliance training?

Examiners will want to see that you are providing adequate training appropriate to the roles of employees. Many employees that need to be trained in consumer protection do not hold an NMLS license, and don't take continuing education. Moreover, CE topics change from year to year and vary from provider to provider. OnlineEd training is comprehensive, consistent, and can be assigned according to roles within the company.

Do you offer training on state-specific laws?

We do not offer training on state-specific regulations. We always welcome content authors to develop material on state-specific regulations.

I already have some training for my company, can I use OnlineEd for that?

Yes, we can import your training for your company and it will be scheduled, tracked and tested just like any other course. Additional fees may apply, depending on course content, format, and development costs.

When do I need to take Anti-Money Laundering training?

Anti-money laundering training needs to be taken every year.

Is there a test at the end of each core compliance course?

Yes. Per CFPB guidance, each compliance course is tested to document knowledge and mastery of a subject.

Is this system going to make me CFPB compliant?

The OnlineEd Mortgage LMS fulfills the CFPB requirement of having an adequate training program in place.

I am just a single broker. Do I need this system?

Single brokers should consider small business training and policies offered by OnlineEd. Whether your compliance management system is a specially designed program or a spreadsheet in a three ring binder, you need to have a system in place that ensures your business is operating within the rules. For one person operations, we recommend forgoing the Mortgage LMS system, and simply purchasing training and policies as standalone products.

I am undergoing an audit, and the examiner will be reviewing my policies. What do I need?

Policies and procedures are a crucial aspect of your compliance program. OnlineEd offers policy templates available as standalone products, or as a discounted add-on to the Mortgage LMS. These can be easily customized by your company. Acknowledgments by employees are digitally recorded and tracked, and employees are automatically notified of any changes in policy. Thousands of mortgage professionals use the Mortgage LMS system, and many have undergone audits. OnlineEd's Mortgage LMS has received positive comments from examiners.

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