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Nevada Real Estate Continuing Education Guide

How to renew your Nevada real estate license and choose the correct continuing education courses.

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How To Renew Your Real Estate License In Nevada

Persons renewing a real estate license in Nevada must take continuing education (CE) before renewing the real estate license itself.

First Time Renewals (Post-License Training)

First-time license renewals in Nevada must be completed through live classroom courses.

If renewing for the first time, Nevada real estate licensees are required to take 30 hours of special post-license training in a live classroom setting within the first year of obtaining a license. This training is a 10-module series of topics mandated by NRED.

Once these live classes have been taken, a completion form is available at the Nevada Real Estate Division website.

Post-Licensing Exceptions

The post-licensing requirement does not apply to first-year licensees who:

If you qualify for a post-license education exception, you may optionally choose to take 24 hours of regular Nevada real estate continuing education instead.

Subsequent Renewals

Second and subsequent license renewals require 36 hours of continuing education which must be taken every 2 years. At least half of your credit hours must be in live classroom courses. (NOTE: The Nevada Real Estate Division increased the credit hour requirements from 24 hours to 36 hours effective October 31, 2021. See the Nevada Real Estate Division's bulletin on updated credit hour requirements.)

The CE courses you take must include the following topics:

All of the courses you need are available here:

Nevada Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

For more information about renewing a Nevada real estate agent license, please visit the Nevada RED renewal information page at the Nevada Real Estate Division website.

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