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Michigan Real Estate License Training

Start learning how to be a Michigan real estate agent today! This Michigan broker license course will help you develop into a highly successful real estate licensee. Online courses can be taken at your convenience and on your schedule.

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Learn How To Get A Real Estate License in Michigan

The Michigan Department of Economy, Labor, & Economic Growth manages the Salesperson and Broker licensing for the state.

  • To earn a Salesperson license in Michigan, an applicant must be at least 18 years old, complete the required 40 hours of pre-license education, and take a Michigan real estate license exam.
  • To earn a Michigan Real Estate Broker license, the applicant must have been active as a full time Salesperson for at least 3 years (or equivalent experience). The applicant must complete 96 hours of broker licensing education, which must be completed within 36 months of applying for a Michigan Broker license. The new Broker must also pass a broker licensing exam.

Salesperson License

A new salesperson applicant will be required to complete a 40 hour pre-license education course from an approved school. OnlineEd has several 40 hour Michigan pre-license courses to choose from. Once the 40 hours of education is completed, the school will send a course completion certificate to the state. It is recommended that you keep a copy of your pre-license course completion certificate for your records.

Next, applicants will need to apply for a real estate salesperson license by using the iCOLA web site. During the license application process, you will be asked to supply your employing Broker's 10-digit number; this will allow the Broker to log into his/her account and verify that you are going to be employed at his/her brokerage. If you supply the Broker's information during the application process, you will be given your Salesperson License as soon as you pass the state exam. If you don't have an employing Broker when you submit your license application, you can add one later. You won't be issued a Salesperson license until you have a Broker!

After the Michigan real estate license application has been submitted through iCOLA, it will be reviewed by the state. New salespersons will receive an email when the license application has been approved. You must then wait at least 2 business days for the exam approval email to arrive. Once you have received the examination email, you are authorized to take the state exam. Until the exam email arrives, you can not schedule for the test! The exam email will contain a 6-digit exam candidate number.

The Salesperson examination is issued by PSI Exams. You can register for the exam by telephone, online, or FAX. PSI has a Candidate Handbook that explains how to register and take the Michigan broker license exam.

Once you pass your Michigan state license exam, and you have a verified Broker, you will immediately be issued a real estate Salesperson license. If you pass and you don't have a verified Broker, a license will not be issued until you have a Broker.

Broker License

Brokers in Michigan fall into two categories; Associate Brokers and Individual Brokers. Associate Brokers work for another Broker, and Individual Brokers are sole proprietors.

The Licensing Service division created a short guide on how to obtain a Michigan Real Estate Broker License. In general, you are required to:

  • Be active in real estate for 3 years. This could be as an active real estate Salesperson, a licensed builder, land developer, property manager, or in other fields relating to real estate, such as a loan officer.
  • Complete 90 hours of broker licensing education. Thirty of the 90 hours must be in broker preparation. In the remaining 60 hours, 9 hours must be in civil rights and fair housing laws. A Law Degree or MBA may substitute for the 60 hours.
  • Take the state broker licensing exam, which is also offered by PSI Exams. If you have not registered with PSI Exams before, it may take up to 2 weeks to process your registration. You can not register for the broker exam until the registration has been processed.
  • Once the state broker licensing exam has been passed, a new broker must fill out Application for an Associate Broker or the Application for Individual Broker. PSI Exams will give you these applications after you successfully pass the broker exam.