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Risk Management

This 3-hour course is approved by the Arizona DRE under the category of "Disclosure".

Learn a variety of techniques to avoid unnecessary risk and protect yourself from unnecessary liability.

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Risk Management

Course ID: CD17371

Credit Hours Provided: 3

Category: Disclosure

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This course is designed to demonstrate that risk management should be viewed as a positive strategy that will provide for increased profits. Any risk that develops into a problem will necessarily cost money to solve. The course introduces the student to the concept of risk and potential consequences that risk presents if not managed properly. The student is introduced to the three main areas of legal liability: contract, tort, and violation of law. Then the specific major areas of risk are discussed in detail. These risks are grouped for discussion purposes under agency, fair housing, environmental issues and anti-trust law. The course also provides the student with a strategy, which if followed, will assist the licensee in minimizing risk and thereby increasing profit.

Course Topic Outline

The modules in this course are:

  1. Risk Management – A Tool to Increase Profits

  2. The Legal Basis of Liability

  3. Agency Risks

  4. Fair Housing Risks

  5. Disclosure Risks

  6. Antitrust Law Risks

This online course contains five modules of text, with a quiz at the end of each chapter. Students must pass the end-of-module quiz with a score of 100% before accessing the next module in the course. There is a 25-question final exam at the end of the course that requires an 80% or higher passing score. 

All materials are included in the cost of the course. Students only need a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Students are responsible for hardware and/or device costs and internet service charges.

The course includes a time-out function. If students are not engaged in the course for more than 15 minutes, the course will log students out. Students can log back into the course to start back where they last left off.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, students will be able to

  • Define key terms related to risk management.

  • Explain various components of a risk management strategy, including doing business over the internet.

  • Describe what is meant by the term unauthorized practice of law.

  • Explain what activities real estate licensees can be engaged in without being engaged in the unauthorized practice of law.

  • List and explain the various kinds of contract breach and remedies.

  • Distinguish between different types of torts.

  • Explain the legal ramifications of RESPA for real estate licensees.

  • Identify risk related to an agents' fiduciary duties.
  • Describe why net listings could result in low commissions.
  • Give examples of undisclosed dual agency.
  • List federal regulations that promote fair housing.
  • Describe the discriminatory acts of redlining, steering, and blockbusting.
  • Outline why unfair advertising and appraising practices harm consumers.
  • Recognize an agent's responsibility to disclose all material facts about a transaction to their client.
  • List environmental issues that may require a client to seek additional professional inspections.
  • Explain Antitrust Law Legislation and its relevance to real estate practice.
  • Define price fixing, group boycotts, and tying arrangements.
  • List several actions that can be taken to avoid antitrust liability.

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This course will remain available to students for 365 days after enrollment.

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Purpose: This 3-hour course is approved by the Arizona DRE under the category of "Disclosure"
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