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On The Level: Design and Quality Control Best Practices for ERVs/HRVs (2022 Series)

Learn good, better, and best practices when designing and quality controlling ERV and HRV systems.

In this course you'll identify ERV/HRV field-proven technologies that are currently available and provide code-compliant efficiency ratings.

$10.00  |  1 Hour

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On The Level: Design and Quality Control Best Practices for ERVs/HRVs (2022 Series)

Course ID: SRA2340

Credit Hours Provided: 1

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This 1-hour training covering the spectrum of Good, Better & Best practices when designing and QC’ing heat recovery ventilator (HRV) / energy recovery ventilator (ERV) systems.

Join this session and hear from in-the-field experts as they exchange ideas and drill down into the everyday implications and opportunities that all building professionals need to know when overseeing the proper design and installation of ERV & HRV balanced ventilation systems.  

Presenters will discuss the practical and necessary solutions that will help you ensure these systems are designed, installed and performing as expected, as well as provide insights to help you streamline your design and building practices to ensure efficient, effective ventilation systems.  

Hear from EA’s Senior Manager of Green Building Technical Services, Waylon White, and Green Hammer’s Director of Operations and Sustainability, Alex Boetzel, as they each bring their unique backgrounds to the discussion: Waylon has extensive in-the-field knowledge of the types of barriers and solutions that builders face on a daily basis when pursuing Earth Advantage Home Certification, and Alex has developed an impressive quality control system for ventilation system design, installation and commissioning on Green Hammer projects.  

As energy codes advance across the Northwest, requirements to install higher performing balanced and properly distributed HVAC systems inside the conditioned spaces are leading builders and tradespeople to evaluate new ERV & HRV equipment, designs and installation strategies. Benefit from this info that will help you meet new codes and build homes that will improve the comfort, healthy indoor air, and energy efficiency.

Course Completion Instructions

This on-demand training consists of 9 videos that users can start or stop at their own pace and easily resume the course at another time.  There are no quizzes or final exams. A certificate awarding CCB continuing education will be issued when the course is completed.

About the Instructors

Alexander Boetzel is the Director of Operations + Sustainability at Green Hammer. With over 25 years experience in construction and building science, Alex is a Certified Passive House Consultant and has consulted on multiple Living Building Challenge and dozens of LEED, Passivhaus, high-performance and green residential projects in the US as well as in Europe. He plans and executes Green Hammer’s innovation concepts, technical training, including building envelope and HVAC, and ensures quality control of envelope, energy, and water systems in design, construction, and commissioning.

Waylon White is the Senior Manager of Green Building Technical Services at Earth Advantage and has over 20 years of construction experience with a wide variety of building types and a sharp focus on high performance design and construction. At EA, Waylon has been instrumental in refining and delivering Earth Advantage’s New Home, Multifamily, and LEED certification programs since 2013. Before joining the Earth Advantage team, Waylon was a residential energy auditor and weatherization contractor in and around the Portland metro area for several years.

This course will remain available to students for 365 days after enrollment.

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Package Summary
Price: $10.00 (USD)
Credit Hours: 1
State: Oregon
Category: Vocational Training > Contracting > Continuing Education > Oregon
Purpose: Learn good, better, and best practices when designing and quality controlling ERV and HRV systems
Course Provider

Earth Advantage, Inc.
151 SW 1st Ave, Suite 300,
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 968-7160

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