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Building with Ducts Inside Conditioned Spaces

Describe the benefits of building homes with ducts inside.

Presented by BetterBuildNW and Earth Advantage, this course explains why ducts inside might be a better way to build than the conventional approach.

$10.00  |  2 Hours

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Building with Ducts Inside Conditioned Spaces

Course ID: SRA2032

Credit Hours Provided: 2

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Designing and building homes where HVAC ducts and air handlers are located inside conditioned spaces can reduce energy use by 15 to 20%, compared to typical HVAC installations. Building with ducts inside improves occupant comfort and can also reduce construction costs, if skillfully implemented.

In this course you will learn how to

  • Describe the benefits of building homes with ducts inside
  • Identify which members of the design and construction team need to be involved
  • Evaluate six different design approaches to building ducts inside
  • Explain general principles and best practices for each approach
  • Access additional resources to help contractors and designers implement ducts inside

Course Completion Instructions

This on-demand training consists of 23 videos that users can start or stop at their own pace and easily resume the course at another time.  There are no quizzes or final exams. A certificate awarding CCB continuing education will be issued when the course is completed.

This course will remain available to students for 365 days after enrollment.

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Key Features
Online Course
All learning is online. Start immediately. Learn on your own schedule.
Includes Video
Video segments highlight important points.
Printable Certificate
Download and print your own certificate.
Package Summary
Price: $10.00 (USD)
Credit Hours: 2
State: Oregon
Category: Vocational Training > Contracting > Continuing Education > Oregon
Purpose: Describe the benefits of building homes with ducts inside
Course Provider

Earth Advantage, Inc.
151 SW 1st Ave, Suite 300,
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 968-7160

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