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Washington Real Estate Exam Prep

Washington Exam-Prep Online Course

Free study tool for licensing exam prep. Not for credit.

Get ready for your Washington real estate license exam with this FREE course. Includes topic review, practice questions, and test simulator. No strings attached.

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Included Standard:

Practice Tests Test Simulator

Key Features:

Practice Tests

Large bank of test questions familiarize you with licensing exam topics.

Test Simulator

Practice tests simulate a real licensing exam and help you mentally prepare.

This completely free exam prep study course is intended for persons who have already taken a for-credit pre-license course and want to get ready for the state licensing exam. Course includes study topic review notes, thousands of practice questions, and a timed test simulator that uses the same time limit and number of question served on the actual state exam.

Note to students: The actual questions used on the state exam are kept secret by the state of Washington and are not used in this study tool. This course will review and test over the same topics as the state exam, but the individual questions will vary.

Package Summary

Category: Real Estate > License Training > Washington
Purpose: Free study tool for licensing exam prep. Not for credit.
Features: practice tests, test simulator

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Washington Pre-License Exam Prep

This course is a study guide to help you pass the Washington real estate licensing exam. It is not required educational credit towards your course completion, but it will assist you with enforcing the topics covered in the prelicense course. Completing this course is optional.

This licensing exam prep course covers the following topics:

  • Characteristics of Real Property
  • Estates in Real Property and Forms of Ownership
  • Transfer of Title to Real Property
  • Encumbrances
  • Government Rights and Limitations on Private Ownership
  • Contracts, Conditions, and Contingencies
  • Specific Real Estate Contracts & Lease Agreements
  • Real Estate Agency Law
  • Real Estate Finance
  • The Residential Lending Process
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Fair Housing
  • Escrow and Closing
  • Federal Income Tax
  • Property Management and Landlord Tenant Law
  • Washington Real Estate License Law
  • Real Estate Construction and Design
  • Real Estate Mathematics

Each chapter contains the important points that you should know along with a study exam. You can retake the exams for additional practice. At the end of the exam prep course is a practice licensing exam that simulates the Washington real estate broker licensing exam of 130 random questions in 3.5 hours, which can be attempted as many times as you'd like. Each attempt will serve a new set of 130 questions.

Course providers are NOT allowed to know the exact questions examinees will see on their actual licensing exam. This study course is to help applicants become familiar with all aspects of the real estate industry before registering to take the state licensing exam.

This course will remain available to students for 365 days after enrollment.

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