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Arizona Agency Law

This 3-hour course is approved by the Arizona DRE under the category of "Agency Law".

This course is designed to give the licensee a comprehensive understanding of the law of agency as it applies to the practice of real estate in today's market.

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Arizona Agency Law

Course ID: CD17081

Credit Hours Provided: 3

Category: Agency Law

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This Arizona Agency Law course will provide students with a clear understanding of what goes into forming an agency relationship with clients, what goes into sustaining that relationship, and what goes into the eventual end of that relationship. Whether the agent is working for a buyer or a seller, working with the opposite party or with the opposite party’s agent, or with a third party, it is essential that real estate licensees understand what it means to be an agent.

Course Topic Outline

The content of this course covers Article 26 of the Arizona Constitution; Arizona Revised Statues (ARS) Title 32, Chapter 20; Arizona Administrative Code (AAC) Title 4, Chapter 28; and ARS Title 44, Chapter 10, Article 3.1.

The modules in this course are:

  1. Getting Your License
  2. Keeping Your License
  3. Losing a License, Investigations, and Sanctions
  4. Trade Names
  5. Advertising by Licensees

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, students will be able to

  • Identify the activities that require a real estate license.
  • Locate definitions to vague or complex legal terminology.
  • Explain the purpose and function of the Real Estate Recovery Fund.
  • Identify the fiduciary duties of a real estate professional and the additional duties of an employing broker.
  • State the requirements for license renewal.
  • Recognize the various ways to reinstate a license.
  • Explain the commissioner’s investigation process.
  • Understand the ways that the commissioner can restrict, cancel, or suspend a license.
  • Recognize the various activities that a real estate licensee can be sanctioned for.
  • Explain what a trade name is.
  • Understand the registration period and renewal period for a trade name.
  • Identify the ways that a trade name can be cancelled.
  • State the meaning of real estate advertising.
  • Describe the department’s rules for all advertisements, as well as what is prohibited in advertising.

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Purpose: This 3-hour course is approved by the Arizona DRE under the category of "Agency Law"
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