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Kansas Principles of Real Estate

Kansas Real Estate Pre-License Webinar / Online / Seminar 30 Credit Hours

Complete the Kansas Principles of Real Estate as your first step to becoming a Kansas real estate salesperson.

Prepare for the Kansas salesperson real estate licensing exam with this course presented by the Kansas Association of REALTORS®.

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Included Standard:

Two-Hour Webinar 30-Hour Online Course Online Tests In-Person Exam Prep Seminar Supplemental Materials Printable Certificate

Key Features:

Two-Hour Webinar

A live webinar covers the state-specific topics that are important to practicing real estate in Kansas.

30-Hour Online Course

Students will complete an online course covering Kansas-specific and national topics.

Online Tests

The online course includes both State and National exams with instant grading and feedback.

In-Person Exam Prep Seminar

This eight-hour required live class goes over both state and national topics in preparation for taking the licensing exam.

Supplemental Materials

Other important files will given directly to students.

Printable Certificate

Download and print your own certificate.

The registration name used to enroll in this course will print on your completion certificate and MUST match the name on your legal photo I.D.


STEP 1 - Online Learning
You will have immediate access to the online course when you purchase the Kansas Principles of Real Estate. The course is broken into two portions - State (Kansas-specific information) and National.

STEP 2 - Two Hour Webinar (REQUIRED)
This in-person webinar covers selected topics in the state-specific portion of the course, covering the most complex topics in the exam.

STEP 3  - In-Person Exam Prep Seminar (REQUIRED)
The eight-hour, in-person, exam prep seminar is designed to deepen the student’s understanding of the course material and determine readiness to take the official licensing exam at Pearson VUE. During the seminar, students will take several self-administered practice exams, which will help students identify strengths and weaknesses in their understanding of the course material.

Contact the Kansas Association of REALTORS® at 1-800-366-0069 if you have any questions. We’re here for YOU!

Package Summary

Price: $235.00 (USD)
Credit Hours: 30
Category: Vocational Training > Real Estate > License Training > Kansas > Kansas Real Estate Prelicense
Purpose: Complete the Kansas Principles of Real Estate as your first step to becoming a Kansas real estate salesperson.
Features: Two-Hour Webinar, 30-Hour Online Course, Online Tests, In-Person Exam Prep Seminar, Supplemental Materials, Printable Certificate

Courses Provided By:

Kansas Association of REALTORS®
3644 SW Burlingame Road,
Topeka, KS 66611
(800) 366-0069

Sessions Available:

October 21, 8:00 am - 11:00 am CDT

Zoom Webinar
Zoom Webinar
Zoom Webinar, KS 66611

December 2, 8:00 am - 11:00 am CST

Zoom Webinar
Zoom Webinar
Zoom Webinar, KS 66611

Enrollment Agreement:

Purchase of this package requires that you read and acknowledge an Enrollment Agreement before receiving credit for any courses contained in this package. Please review the following:

Kansas Principles of Real Estate

Credit Hours Provided: 30

This course will remain available to students for 180 days after enrollment.