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Earth Advantage Broker Accreditation

Become an Earth Advantage Broker and help meet increasing consumer demand for healthy, durable, green, and efficient homes.


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Price: $119.00 (USD)
Purpose: Become an Earth Advantage Broker and help meet increasing consumer demand for healthy, durable, green, and efficient homes.
Features: online text, online video, downloadable workbook, printable certificate
Hours: 7 Hours
Category: Real Estate > Continuing Education > Oregon > Environmental Protection Issues in Real Estate
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The Earth Advantage Broker (formerly S.T.A.R.) accreditation course provides real estate professionals with a competitive edge in communicating the benefits of green and high performance home features in their market. Earth Advantage Brokers have gained the knowledge to identify green features and recommend savvy upgrades in order to provide their clients with access to homes that provide a healthier living environment and greater energy, water, and resource efficiency.

This course will help real estate professionals to:

  • Become a trusted advisor for your clients by learning to communicate the benefits of different products and features to clients with varying values and needs

  • Gain valuable resources and tips for upgrading that fixer-upper into a more efficient, comfortable, durable, healthy home

  • Provide your clients with information on incentives, rebates, financing, and certifications

  • Learn how to market yourself as a green professional and gain more referrals

The course outline is as follows:

  • Section A: What is Sustainability?

  • Section B: What is a Green Home?

  • Section C: Green Homes at a Tipping Point

  • Section D: Indoor Air Quality, Green Building Materials, and Water Efficiency

  • Section E: Energy Efficiency and Green Building Techniques

  • Section F: Green Building Certification, Energy Auditing, and Energy Labeling

  • Section G: Green Home Financing, Appraisal, and Marketing

  • Earth Advantage Broker Designation Final Exam


Take this course and pass the accreditation exam to earn the Earth Advantage Broker designation!

Earth Advantage provides marketing support in the form of logos and an professional listing on the accredited professionals registry to help you display and promote your green credential to consumers. Brokers must earn 4 CEs in green real estate education every 2 years to maintain the EA Broker designation. Learn more by visiting the EA Broker page on the Earth Advantage website.

The EA Broker course also satisfies:

  • Energy Trust of Oregon’s Real Estate Ally prerequisite requirement

  • NAR's Green Designation 'Green 100' course requirements


This course is made up of 7 sections. Each section contains videos, follow-up activities, and 5-question knowledge checks to help you understand the topics presented in the videos. The course also provides a Course Reference Guide and additional green broker resources.

At the end of the course is a 35-question final exam in multiple-choice format with a passing score of 75%. The exam must be passed in order to earn real estate continuing education credit in Oregon. After passing the final exam, within one week Earth Advantage will issue an EA Broker Designation certificate along with logos and materials you can use to promote the benefits of your green designation with clients.

Enrollment Period

Students are allowed 90 days from the date they enroll to complete the course. Accounts will be deactivated if the student has not completed the course in time. Once the course has begun, students are not eligible for a refund.

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