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Law and Rule Required Course (2016-2017)

This Oregon law and regulation update course is required to renew a broker or principal broker Oregon real estate license. Take this free course with OnlineEd!


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At A Glance:

Purpose: Required for every Oregon real estate license renewal
Features: online text, online audio, printable certificate, PDF eBook
Hours: 3 Hours
Category: Real Estate > Continuing Education > Oregon > Real Estate Law and Regulation
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Required for every Oregon real estate license renewal

Course ID: 1038-1054

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This 2016-2017 updated course is designed to inform Oregon licensees of new law changes relating to real estate as passed by the Oregon Legislature. The Oregon Real Estate Agency requires that all licensees take a Law And Rule Required Course (LARRC) as part of their 30 hours of continuing education credit.

The topics covered in this LARRC course are:

  • Trust Funds
  • Advertising
  • The Initial Agency Disclosure Pamphlet
  • Continuing education rules and regulations
  • The TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID)
  • Various new rules passed by the Oregon Legislature.

This Oregon real estate course consists of short introductory video presentations and online reading materials.  At the end of the 3-hour Oregon real estate law course is a 10-question final exam in multiple choice format. A continuing education course completion certificate will be issued after completing the final exam.

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