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Oregon Real Estate Exam Prep

Be confident and prepared for the Oregon real estate exam with our Exam Prep pack. Includes 2600+ practice questions & full test simulator.


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Price: $150.00 (USD)
Features: practice tests, test simulator
Category: Real Estate > License Training > Oregon > Pre-License
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Courses Included:

The Oregon Exam Prep Pack will assist the student in preparation for the state real estate exam. Exam Prep is already included in the Oregon Real Estate Broker Pre-License Training Package

This Package Includes:

Oregon Real Estate Exam Prep

Category: Pre-License

The Exam Prep study guide will assist the student in preparation for the real estate licensing exam. The guide consists of a series of practice questions that are the basis for all real estate exams administered by the Oregon Real Estate Agency. A good working knowledge of these questions will prepare the student for the actual state administered examination.

This course will remain available to students for 365 days after purchase.

Oregon Real Estate State Test Simulator

Category: Pre-License

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The State Test Simulator will give the student an opportunity to take a timed test that closely resembles the Oregon state test that is required to obtain a real estate license. The simulator contains questions that are very similar to those found on the actual state test. Taking the simulation will help the student to feel comfortable in an actual testing environment.

This course will remain available to students for 365 days after purchase.

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