Sell Homes Faster By Becoming A Certified Staging Agent

Sellers look to their real estate agents for home staging help. As a Certified Staging Agent (STAGENT®), you provided a valuable consulting service to real estate home sellers who are looking for advice and guidance to quickly attract potential buyers. A homeowner would rather have a real estate agent whose staging techniques can help make the home sell faster than an agent who doesn't know much about marketing a house!

The skills you know as a CSA gives you an advantage over other agents. This online certification course will teach you simple, easy, and inexpensive techniques to enhance a listed property's features and make it more appealing to new home shoppers.

Make your listings sell faster!

Home buyers will decide if they are attracted to a home within the first few minutes of seeing it. The practice of staging a home's exterior and curb appeal is key to enticing the buyer to want to see the interior of the house. Homes staged with furniture and accessories sell more quickly than vacant houses. Buyers can more easily imagine seeing themselves, their family, and their belongings in that space.

Homes today can be stagnant on the market for long periods of time. As a CSA, you can advertise your skills and knowledge to sellers that may shorten the time from when a home is listed to when it sells. Your knowledge of simple techniques a homeowner can do to inexpensively stage their homes, inside and outside, will appeal to all sellers.

Staged homes sell faster!

What is Home Staging and Why is it Important?

In today's real estate market there is a large number of properties for sale. Houses complete with other comparable houses to attract potential buyers to visit their front door. Home Staging is the process of enhancing a home's features to entice more offers to buy.

Because of the large number of properties on the market, home buyers have a wide variety to choose from. If buyers don't like your open house, chance are there's another one just a short walk away or possibly even next door! You want to make your listing stand out among the competition, getting it sold as fast as possible.

Home Staging Tips

The first thing you'll want to do is stage the exterior of the house. If the outside of the house appears to be run-down or neglected, buyers are going to assume that the inside is as well. You want to encourage buyers to see the inside of your house, not scare them away!

The next step is to stage the interior of the house. Remove excess clutter, such as a homeowner's displayed collection, and learn to use existing furniture to make rooms appear visually larger. You want to make buyers feel like they could live in your house. Selling a home is not the right time to showcase the homeowner's belongings, whether it is black velvet paintings or a horizontal arrangement of artificial sunflowers. Keep in mind that color will also affect a buyer's viewpoint: cool colors are good for small rooms, warm colors are for large, cozy rooms.

You can learn more home staging success tips by registering for the CSA course!

The Certified Staging Agent Designation

Tried and tested by over 5,000 agents worldwide, The International School of Staging now presents The Power of Staging®, featured with great success and now updated and upgraded with you, today's Real Estate professional, in mind. This online video course will train you in approximately seven hours on how to market yourself as a STAGENT®, giving tips and tricks to your sellers on how to stage their homes to increase buyer interest in their property.

In this course you will:

  • Discuss statistics that support the value of staging
  • Learn to sell the value of staging to clients
  • Understand staging principles
  • Develop your STAGENT’s eye
  • Collaborate to create a list of helpful resources
  • Assemble your STAGENT’s toolkit
  • Improve curb appeal and the interior of any property
  • Use five elements of design to create room settings
  • Create visually appealing settings, called vignettes
  • Practice arranging furniture using a fun, simple, and unique tool without the heavy lifting
  • Explore the psychological effects of color
  • Identify common architectural house styles
  • And lots more!

All students who successfully complete The Power of Staging online course will be added to the roster at the International School of Staging website, the leading directory for sellers looking for a home staging specialist. The ISOS website makes it easy for a seller to locate a Certified Staging Agent in his or her area. Get your name listed in the search!

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The Certified Staging Agent designation is for real estate agents who are looking for training on how to market themselves as knowledgeable in the field of home staging. This CSA training course is the updated and remastered version of the old Accredited Home-Staging Specialist (AHS) designation.