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Nevada Real Estate License Training

Learn how to get a Nevada real estate license and start a career in real estate. OnlineEd provides the real estate pre-license education needed to get a real estate license in Nevada. Work at your own pace using our mastery-based system without time-monitoring. Work with a personal instructor throughout the course. No special software required. All the material is online, so you can start right now!

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How To Start A Career In Nevada Real Estate

In Nevada there are three classifications of real estate licenses: salesperson, broker, and broker-salesperson. The entry level license is a salesperson. To begin practising real estate in the state, you will need to earn a salesperson license and be supervised by someone who has earned a broker license. The Nevada Real Estate Division requires all applicants to be 18 years old or older.

A Nevada real estate salesperson must complete a 90-hour pre-license training course from a Nevada Real Estate Division accredited course provider. Applicants for a license must also pass a state exam from the state's exam servicer, have fingerprint cards created, and pay an application fee. The fingerprinting will be used to run a background check on each applicant.

  • Training - License applicants will need to submit a copy of the course completion certificate. This certificate will be issued by the education provider the student used to complete the required 90 hours of pre-license training.
  • State Licensing Exam - The provider for the RED's licensing exam is PSI Exams. After the training has been completed, a new licensee will need to schedule, pay for, and pass two exams: a general national exam and a Nevada state exam. A candidate will receive a proof of passing certificate that will need to be included with the salesperson license application. The Nevada state licensing exam will cost $100.
  • Fingerprinting - Every candidate for a real estate license must submit their fingerprints to the RED. This can be done by either having a law enforcement division create a paper fingerprint card, or by having the prints taken through a LIVESCAN provider. The RED has a list of authorized vendors where a candidate can have the fingerprints collected. PSI can collect fingerprints after successfully passing the licensing exam, and charges $57.50 for this service ($20 PSI processing fee and a $37.50 Nevada Highway Patrol processing fee).
  • Application Fee - The fee charged by the RED for a salesperson license is $210.00.

The RED has Form 549 - Real Estate License Checklist and Application available at the Nevada Real Estate Division website. License applicants will need to complete and then mail it to the division or deliver it in-person at the main office in Las Vegas.

The OnlineEd Real Estate License Training Program

Our real estate salesperson education course is available in several convenient packages. You can choose to purchase the 90-hour Nevada pre-license course bundled with a state-licensing exam prep module, or buy it separately. We also offer the option to supplement the online courses with physical textbooks, for students who prefer to study using a book rather than a computer monitor.

Browse Our Pre-License Course Packages

Our real estate licensing course features:

  • Extensive learning materials - The course is written by practising real estate professionals. You will be fully trained to take the state exam.
  • A personal instructor - Get personal help to answer your questions throughout the course.
  • No time-monitoring - Our courses are mastery-based. You make advancement when you understand the material.
  • Everything is online - You don't need books, CDs, or special software. If you can read this, you have everything you need!

Our program has been rigorously reviewed, approved, and authorized for license training by the Nevada Real Estate Division. Our real estate prelicense course is authored in-house by experienced real estate brokers and industry professionals.

OnlineEd has earned the respect of real estate brokerages and state regulatory agencies since 1998. OnlineEd is a state-licensed real estate school and partners with over 700 companies, schools, and organizations including offices with Prudential, John L. Scott, RE/MAX, and many others.

I appreciate the help, advice and extensions provided over the duration of my learning process. Of particular help to me were the simulated tests, they put me at ease when I went in to take the real tests. - Eva W.
Thank you very much for a pleasant and productive education experience. I am a big fan of the content and structure of your online offer. - Clare D.

If you have questions about which pre-license package will work best for you, please call our school office at 1-866-519-9597.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get a real estate license?

You need to complete a 90-hour training course and pass a state exam before you can be issued a real estate license in Nevada. From the Nevada Real Estate Division:

Applicants for a real estate salesperson license must show, pursuant to NAC 645.435, proof of completion of the required 90 hours or 6 semester units of instruction in real estate principles, practices and law from a Nevada Real Estate Commission accredited provider . The course must include a minimum of 18 hours of Nevada law, consisting of NRS 645, 119, 119A, 119B and their respective administrative codes. Certified transcripts must be submitted with the license application. Copies of certified transcripts are accepted.
Applicants must show proof of passing the national and Nevada state exam within one year of the application date. Applicants may use their national examination results from another state (if dated within one year of the date of application for a Nevada real estate license) but must show proof of those results.

For more information regarding obtaining a real estate license, contact the Nevada Real Estate Division

How long does the course take to complete?
The courses satisfies the 90-hour requirement of the Nevada Real Estate Division. Because the course is mastery-based and not time-monitored, students can work at their own pace. Some students may take more or less time than the course is rated for. Course access is available for one year from enrollment. Extensions can be made available on request.
What topics are covered in the course?
  • Chapter 1 (Introduction) - Real Estate as a Career
  • Chapter 2 - The Characteristics of Real Property
  • Chapter 3 - Estates in Real Property and Forms of Ownership
  • Chapter 4 - Transfer of Title
  • Chapter 5 - Encumbrances
  • Chapter 6 - Government Rights and Limitations on Private Land Ownership
  • Chapter 7 - Contracts
  • Chapter 8 - Specific Real Estate Contracts
  • Chapter 9 - Real Estate Agency Law
  • Chapter 10 - Real Estate Finance
  • Chapter 11 - The Residential Lending Process
  • Chapter 12 - Real Estate Valuation
  • Chapter 13 - Fair Housing
  • Chapter 14 - Escrow and Closing
  • Chapter 15 - Federal Taxation
  • Chapter 16 - Property Management and Landlord Tenant Law
  • Chapter 17 - Nevada Real Estate License law
  • Chapter 18 - Real Estate Residential Construction and Design
  • Chapter 19 - Real Estate Arithmetic

The course is broken down into chapters. Each chapter has a review quiz. There is a final exam at the end of each course that requires a 75% or better score to pass.

What does the OnlineEd pre-license package include?
  • The complete Nevada required course
  • 100% Online, printer friendly course delivery
  • A state-approved personal instructor
  • Online testing and grading with instructor feedback
  • State approved course completion certificates
  • The state exam prep module
  • Many links to forms, examples, and additional information in the OnlineEd File Cabinet
How is the course delivered?
The course is entirely online and is also available in printer friendly formats. Your learning materials, exams, and instructor support are all delivered through your web browser. You will not need CDs, books, or other software. You can access your OnlineEd account through any computer with an internet connection. The online courses are also mobile-device friendly, so you may study using your favorite tablet or smartphone.
What is a "personal instructor"?
Upon enrollment, you will be assigned a course instructor. You can contact your instructor if you need assistance understanding the material, have questions, or need help getting through the course. In addition, the instructor will review and (if necessary) comment on each quiz and final exam to assist you in understanding course concepts better.
What do I need to take the course?
If you can read this, you already have everything you need! The course is entirely web-based. You will be able to access your account from any computer or portable device with an internet connection. The OnlineEd system is compatible with all major browsers and operating systems.
What is "exam prep"?
This a bonus course to help you study for the state licensing exam. It contains hundreds of questions that you can use to practice taking the state licensing exam.
What makes the OnlineEd course different from competitors?
  • The OnlineEd course is written by OnlineEd. Most other schools are simply resellers of systems sold by large education providers.
  • A personal instructor. Self-paced learning is great, but where can you turn when you have a question? With a personal instructor, just pick up the phone or send a quick email and get a friendly response.
  • Value-priced. Because every course we sell is written by us, we save on overhead licensing costs. We can pass the savings onto you.
  • Highly recommended. OnlineEd is used by over 700 real estate offices, organizations, real estate schools, and colleges.
Didn't answer your question? Feel free to contact us by phone or email. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have!

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