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Oklahoma Appraisal Courses

Oklahoma Appraisal License Training

Package 2: Oklahoma Appraisal Qualifying Education / Pre-License Course Package or Individual Course Listings (Oklahoma)

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Online and CD-ROM

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Oklahoma Appraisal Professional Development

FREE!Energy Matters - New Tools to Inform the Valuation of Commercial Buildings

Features: online text, online video

$129.00Appraising Green Homes: Construction Methods and Trends

Learn the differences between energy efficient, green, and code-built homes to apply adjustments to appraisal assignments

Features: online text, online video, printable certificate

$129.00Appraising Green Homes: Valuation Techniques and Applications

Learn to apply different valuation approaches in order to produce well-supported appraisals for green properties.

Features: online text, online video, printable certificate

$89.00Home Measurement Basics for Appraisers

Features: online text, PDF eBook