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Demystifying the Green Home

This course will go over the emergence of the Green Home and Energy Efficient Home.


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Category: Real Estate > Continuing Education > Oregon > Environmental Protection Issues in Real Estate
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Home buyers are becoming more aware of green home features when shopping for a new home, and may be asking you for your advice on the subject. This course, developed by Earth Advantage Inc., will help you better understand the green home and high-performance home market.

You'll learn about terms used in the industry, what the current trends are, the difference and similarities between green and high performance, and how to better match home features to benefits that home buyers will be interested in.

Course Materials

This course is divided into four parts. Each part contains a video that you must watch to move onto the next video. After completing the videos and online activities, a real estate continuing education certificate will be generated. At the end of this course is a 5-question final exam.

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