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Inside The New Appraisal Process

Become familiar with the basic concepts of the real estate appraisal process


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Purpose: Become familiar with the basic concepts of the real estate appraisal process
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Category: Real Estate > Professional Development
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This is a non-credit course. Not for license renewals.

Each real estate licensee should be familiar with the basic concepts of the appraisal process and how that process affects their clients. Inside this course, we will find a new understanding of the appraiser's role in the mortgage lending process. This text is based on real life appraisal scenarios and situations. We will discuss and analyze examples of low appraisals, and explore how they could have been more effectively handled. This class is designed to be educational and fun. The "grass is greener" theory often applies between agents and appraisers, and this class will also dispel some of the common myths about appraisers and the appraisal process.

Appraisals affect a real estate agent's ability to help clients get loans and buy homes. We will address many issues as they relate to today's fast paced world of real estate and the new appraisal process. There were numerous sources utilized in compiling this course and these examples are shown for educational purposes only. The author is a certified residential appraiser and a RealtorĀ®, and is not offering any legal opinions or advice.

Course Objectives

  • Discover how to properly handle Low Appraisals
  • Work through real examples and explore the options, after you receive the news of a low appraisal. Turn Low Appraisals into Closed Sales!
  • Learn the inside secrets about working with appraisers in today's ever-changing marketplace
  • Examine the appraisal "Power Line"
  • Explore how to provide appraisers with information using the new proper protocol
  • Identify the process of selecting the best "comparable" sales
  • Reveal the critical nature of "Local Competence" in the valuation process
  • Understand the extraordinary power of "MLS" in the appraisal process
  • Expose more about what it takes to earn (and keep) an appraisal license
  • Better understand underwriters and the appraisal review process, and uncover the changing power of "recommended percentage guidelines"
  • Discuss the appraiser's viewpoint on measurements and standards

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