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Oregon Construction Contractor License Training Package

Our construction license course prepares you to successfully pass the Oregon state test to get a CCB license.  Includes NASCLA Contractors Guide.


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Price: $64.00 (USD)
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Purpose: Required education to get an Oregon CCB contractor license
Features: online text, online audio, textbook, practice tests
Hours: 16 Hours
Category: Contracting > License Training > Oregon
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Required education to get an Oregon CCB contractor license

An Mp3 course version is included

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This Oregon construction contractor license course will prepare you to take the Oregon state test to obtain a CCB license to conduct business as a construction contractor.

The Online Presentations of the course are broken up into the same 14 chapters as the NASCLA Contractors Guide. Each chapter contains an audio/video presentation that covers the important points from the material. Reading, hearing, and seeing will help you to remember the material for the licensing exam. MP3 downloads are also available.

You will learn about the following topics:

  1. Getting a contractor's license
  2. Choosing your business structure
  3. Handling employees
  4. Working with subcontractors
  5. Drafting contracts
  6. Construction lien law
  7. Bidding and estimating
  8. Scheduling and project management
  9. Oregon building codes
  10. Jobsite safety
  11. Environmental factors
  12. Building exterior shell
  13. Financial management
  14. Taxes

As you progress through the material, you will be presented with Practice Quizzes and Questions to help you verify that you understand the information covered. Each chapter concludes with an optional practice quiz to assess how well you have learned the material and how prepared you are to pass the state test.

A study time sheet will be required at the end of the 16-hour course to qualify for the completion credit that is required to take the state test. To meet the study time requirement, write down the amount of time you spend reading the NASCLA manual, watching the online videos, and taking the online practice quizzes. Once you have met the 16 hours of study time and submit your time sheet, your eligibility to take the CCB exam will be sent to the CCB's testing provider, PSI Exams.

OnlineEd is proud to announce it has a 94% pass rate on the contractor licensing exam!

Exam applicants are allowed to bring the NASCLA Construction Contractors textbook with them to use as a guide during the state licensing exam. During the exam you will be tested on your knowledge of the NASCLA guide, so it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you bring a copy of the guide with you to the exam.

Note: The NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management, 2nd Edition cannot be returned or refunded if you purchased a package that includes the textbook. The NASCLA guide will be shipped from OnlineEd next business day standard USPS. Most manuals will arrive within 2 to 5 business days.

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