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Environmental Issues and the Residential Transaction - Part 2 [Elective]

Elective continuing education course topic for Nevada real estate license renewal.


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Purpose: Elective continuing education course topic for Nevada real estate license renewal.
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Hours: 4 Hours
Category: Real Estate > Continuing Education > Nevada > General
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Course Goals:

Environmental issues have become a major concern in residential real estate transactions. This course is designed to give the licensee a comprehensive understanding of the many environmental issues that frequently arise in today's residential real estate transaction.

The student is introduced to the Nevada and federal disclosure laws regarding environmental hazards. The role of the licensee in the disclosure process is discussed along with the seller's role in the disclosure process. The student will learn to identify the potential hazards presented by molds and fungi, volatile organic compounds, potable water supply contaminants, drug house contamination and underground storage tanks. The student will also learn potential health effects of these hazards and will learn to explain the potential health risks to their buyers and sellers. The licensee will also learn how these potential hazards may impact a real estate transaction if found to be present. In addition, the licensee will learn how to advise a client on possible remediation actions which might be taken if the hazard is discovered to exist. Included in the discussion of each environmental hazard are practice tips for the licensee which will assist the licensee in dealing with the specific hazard in the residential transaction.

Course Materials:

This course contains approximately 65 pages of text. The course is divided into 6 chapters. A review quiz of 5 questions follows sections 1 through 5. A quiz score of 60% or greater is required prior to being allowed to proceed to the next course section.

At the end of the course, a final examination is required. The final examination consists of 41 questions: 31 questions in a true/false format and 10 questions in a multiple choice format. A test score of 75% or greater is required for course completion.

The Real Estate Division requires that the final examination is not downloadable or printable. The student will be notified of the number of questions answered correctly after final examination has been completed. The student will not be given the questions which were answered incorrectly.


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