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Texas Real Estate Continuing Education

Get your Texas real estate license renewed quickly by signing up for convenient online courses! Don't risk letting your license expire by putting off your renewal education until the last minute. Start working on your Texas real estate license renewal today!

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How To Renew Your Texas Real Estate License

The Texas Real Estate Commission has two different requirements for salespersons looking to renew a Texas real estate license:

  • Salesperson Annual Education (SAE): This is required for newly licensed salespersons. The new salesperson must complete a total of 270 education hours by the end of the first license year. Of the 270 hours, 210 must be in TREC core course subjects. The pre-license credit hours count towards the 270 hour total, so the licensee needs to fill the remaining 60 hours with core course credits by the end of the first licensed year.

    Once the 60 hours are completed and the licensee has the course completion certificates, the certificates can be faxed or mailed to the commission. The SAE cover sheet must be filled out and included with the completion certificates. The SAE package can then be sent to the TREC at least 10 days prior to the first year license expiration date.

  • Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE): Once the SAE requirement has been completed, the salesperson is placed in the MCE category along with individual brokers. The MCE requirement states that a salesperson or broker must complete 15 hours of continuing education hours during each 2 year license renewal cycle. Six of the 15 hours must be in two mandatory courses; 3 hours of Legal Updates and 3 hours of Legal Ethics. The remaining 9 hours are elective courses.

    The MCE requirement must be completed before the license expiration date. If the necessary hours are not finished before the license expires, the salesperson or broker can still pay the license renewal fee but an additional $200 deferral fee will be charged. The licensee then has 60 days to complete the MCE requirement or the license will be set to inactive and unusable.

In either case, the TREC will not accept core course credit for any duplicate course taken within 3 years of each other.

MCE credit will be submitted to the real estate commission by the course provider. Once the required 15 hours have been completed, the TREC has an online system to make license renewal easier for Texas licensees.

Your Real Estate Continuing Education Program

The elective course hours can be completed online from a school approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Our Texas real estate continuing education elective training courses are offered in conjunction with 360 Training (provider #0238) and (provider #0405).

Texas MCE 2007 Ethics Update - 3 Hours

The Texas MCE 2007 Ethics Update was written to provide guidance and discussion of the ethical requirements and concerns affecting Texas Real Estate Agents. The course discusses the specific requirements for agents in making offers to clients, disclosures of information, and resolving any disputes that may arise in the course of real estate transactions. (Approval No. 03-03-129-6505)

Texas 9 Hour Elective Renewal Package #1

  • Real Estate Appraisal - 3 Hours
    This course covers the theories, rules, duties and activities that guide the real estate appraisal process. An appraiser must also conduct him or herself professionally, ethically and honestly. There are guidelines regarding professionally and ethically correct behavior of appraisers as well which are also covered by this course. (Approval No. 03-00-100-7480)
  • Estimating the Gross Living Area - 3 Hours
    We will cover broad issues and describe the procedures for measuring the total square footage of detached single-family homes and multi-family gross building areas. The methods employed are the industry standard for the calculation process and enable the users of this information to obtain accurate and reproducible measurements for total gross living area of residential properties. (Approval No. 03-00-100-7473)
  • Real Estate Math - 3 Hours
    This course covers math principles essential in the practice of real estate. Some of these topics may already be familiar to the student. The course will elaborate on how the subject matter pertains to real estate in everyday use. It is important that licensees understand the mathematical concepts presented here in order to be competent in the practice of real estate. (Approval No. 03-00-100-7481)

Texas 9 Hour Elective Renewal Package #3

  • Home Inspection - 3 Hours
    As the market becomes more competitive, only a business comprised of well-rounded licensees who provide comprehensive advice will continue to stand out. This course instructs real estate licensees on the basics of home inspection. An understanding of this information will allow the student to serve his or her clients and customers better. (Approval No. 03-00-100-7475)
  • Deeds - 3 Hours
    A deed is a written instrument that is commonly used to convey the title to real property. Consequently, all real estate professionals must have a clear understanding of the uses and purposes of different types of deeds. This module also illustrates the difference between the concept of title and the concept of a deed. (Approval No. 03-00-100-7471)
  • Liens, Taxes, and Foreclosures - 3 Hours
    This module discusses liens, taxes and foreclosures. There are many types of liens, as well as several kinds of taxes, that can attach to a parcel of real estate. When borrowers default on a debt, foreclosure is the process by which lienholders collect the unpaid portion of a debt. (Approval No. 03-00-100-7477)