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Ohio Real Estate Continuing Education

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How To Renew Your Ohio Real Estate License

The Ohio Department of Commerce's Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing and Ohio Revised Code 4735.141 states that real estate licensees must complete 30 hours of continuing education credit during each 3 year license renewal cycle. An Ohio real estate license expires on the licensee's birthday every 3 years after the license has been issued.

A minimum of 9 out of the 30 required hours must be in mandatory course subjects:

  • 3 hours (or more) in Civil Rights
  • 3 hours (or more) in Core Law
  • and 3 hours (or more) in Ethics

The remaining 21 hours can be filled with elective courses approved by the Division of Real Estate.

Licensees can submit their OH Real Estate license renewal application 60 days prior to their birthday (and license expiration date). Ohio has an eLicensing system which allows licensees to submit their renewal application online. When using the eLicensing site to pay the license renewal fee, the licensee still has to mail the real estate continuing education course completion certificates to the Ohio Division of Real Estate.

The Continuing Education Compliance Form can be found attached to the license renewal application. Licensees who choose not to use the eLicensing web site will need to fill out page 1 of the form with their personal information. The education compliance section can be found on page 2.