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Michigan Real Estate Continuing Education

Get your Michigan real estate license renewed quickly by signing up for convenient real estate online courses! Don't risk letting your Michigan real estate license expire by putting off your renewal education until the last minute. Start working on your license renewal today! (OnlineEd, Inc. partners with Career WebSchool to offer this course.)

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How To Renew Your Michigan Real Estate License

Real estate licenses are managed by the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth (DLEG). The department has placed real estate licensing on a three year cycle, with all license set to expire on October 31, 2009, and every 3 years after. A Michigan real estate license must be renewed before the October 31st date, else the license will be set to an expired status.

All real estate salespersons and brokers are required to take at least 2 hours of "law and rule updates" CE course study every year. Depending on when the Michigan real estate license was issued within the 3 year cycle, a licensee will need to complete a different number of CE credit hours before the October 31st expiration date:

  • The license was issued in year 1 of the cycle: 18 hours required
  • The license was issued in year 2 of the cycle: 12 hours required
  • the license was issued in year 3 of the cycle: 6 hours required

The DLEG has a online continuing education online monitoring system called iCOLA that assists salespersons and brokers with meeting the required yearly CE credits. Real estate schools are to submit a student's course hours withing 5 days of course completion. The iCOLA system has an online completed credits verification system for licensees to review their required continuing education progress.

Your Real Estate Continuing Education Program

The required course hours can be completed online from a school approved by the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth. Our Michigan real estate continuing education training courses are offered in conjunction with 360 Training (approved provider #132).

Michigan CE Laws, Rules, & Court Cases - 2 Hours - Course No. 132-K5161

This module covers Michigan's real estate license law and regulatory information. In particular it will look at the state occupational code and general rules of the Occupational Board. Additionally, it will delve into regulatory acts such as the Seller Disclosure Act and inspection issues.

This course covers a broad range of topics related to the law and real estate regulations to help the student find ways to guide clients through this often complicated legislation. It includes the following lessons:

  • Michigan Real Estate License Law
  • Regulatory Points

In addition, this course includes a final practice lesson. This concluding lesson presents real-world dilemmas and concrete applications of the information presented in the rest of the module. As the student completes this course, he or she should try to develop a broad picture of license law and regulation and how they fit into the larger practice of real estate. The last lesson will help with this project by presenting updates and case studies.

Elective Courses

  • 1031 Exchanges - 3 Hours
    A real estate professional familiar with the Section 1031 will be able to expand his or her clientele base and will be better equipped to advise investor and commercial clients over the course of their transactions. (Course No. 132-K3401)
  • Asset Management - 3 Hours
    Asset Management is the term used for the decision-making process involved in maximizing returns on real property investments. (Course No. 132-K3402)
  • Closing and Settlement Costs - 4 Hours
    This course covers a broad range of issues related to closing and settlement to help the student learn ways to help clients through this sometimes complicated process. (Course No. 132-K3403)
  • Code of Ethics - 7 Hours
    This module introduces the student to some of the general ideas and theories that help make up our concept of ethical judgment. (Course No. 132-K3404)
  • Contracts Purchase & Sales Agreements - 4 Hours
    Before entering into a legally binding agreement, real estate professionals must fully understand the contracts that govern their industry. (Course No.132-K3406)
  • Environmental Hazards - 4 Hours
    The objective of this course is to familiarize licensees with environmental issues, since agents have a responsibility to disclose to buyers any information that might affect the buyer's decision. (Course No. 132-K3407)
  • Fair Housing - 4 Hours
    This course covers broad issues on fair housing laws. (Course No. 132-K3408)
  • Home Inspection - 4 Hours
    This course presents an overview of the home inspection business and explains how it fits into the real estate industry as a whole. (Course No. 132-K3411)
  • Liens, Taxes & Foreclosures - 4 Hours
    There are many types of liens, as well as several kinds of taxes, that can attach to a parcel of real estate. (Course No. 132-K3412)
  • Property Management - 4 Hours
    A skilled property manager thus protects the owner’s capital investment in real estate and makes sure that the property generates profit. (Course No. 132-K3405)
  • Real Estate Finance - 4 Hours
    This course provides an introduction to residential real estate finance, including information on how to underwrite FHA, VA, FNMA and FHLMC loans. (Course No. 132-K3410)
  • Real Estate Math - 3 Hours
    It is important that licensees understand the mathematical concepts presented here in order to be competent in the practice of real estate. (Course No. 132-K3413)
  • Real Property Ownership & Land Use - 4 Hours
    In accordance with TREC rules, Sections 535.71 and 535.72D, this module will describe how different commodities—land, real estate, and real property – transfer and are related and to one another. (Course No. 132-K3409)
  • Titles and Records - 4 Hours
    In accordance with TREC rules Sections 535.71 and 535.72D, this module will cover how to record public documents and the importance of doing so. (Course No. 132-K3414)