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Arizona Real Estate Continuing Education

Get your Arizona real estate license renewed quickly by signing up for convenient online courses! Don't risk letting your Arizona real estate license expire by putting off your renewal education until the last minute. Start working on your Arizona real estate license renewal today! (OnlineEd, Inc. partners with Career WebSchool to offer this course.)

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How To Renew Your Arizona Real Estate License

The Arizona Department of Real Estate requires real estate salespersons who hold a 4-year license must take 48 hours of continuing education credits. The first 24 hours of Arizona real estate classes must be completed within 24 months (a "CE period") of the license issue date, and the second set of 24 hours must be completed in the 24 months prior to the license expiration date. If the salesperson has an original 2 year Arizona real estate license, then the 24 hours of credits must be completed within the 2 years of the license issue date.

For example, if your Arizona real estate four-year salesperson license was issued on June 1, 2006, you need to complete 24 hours of CE credits between June 1 2006 and June 1 2008, and another set of 24 credits between June 1 2008 and June 1 2010.

The Arizona department of real estate requires licensees to take a total of 24 hours of credit in the following subjects:

  • Agency Law - 3 hours
  • Contract Law - 3 hours
  • Commissioner's Standards - 3 hours
  • Disclosure - 3 hours
  • Fair Housing - 3 hours
  • General Real Estate - 6 hours
  • Real Estate Legal Issues - 3 hours

Besides requiring licensees to complete 24 hours of credits every 24 months, the Arizona DRE restricts the number of hours per day a licensee can test on. To make sure all practicing real estate agents obtain a thorough education, the ADRE states that only 9 hours of CE credit hours can be taken on any calendar day (Commissioner's Rule R4-28-402(C)).

The ADRE has an online licensing and renewal system, which allows salespersons to submit their continuing education information directly to the department. You will be asked to enter the dates and course numbers from the Course Completion certificates.

Your Real Estate Continuing Education Program

The required Arizona real estate continuing education course hours can be completed online from a school approved by the Arizona DRE. Our Arizona Real Estate Salesperson license renewal training course is offered in conjunction with 360 Training (ADRE school no. S01-0005).

Agency Law - 3 hours

Course Approval Number: CD5128

This course explains how agency is created and defines the various agency relationships that exist. Learn how to discern the differences between the real estate licensees' fiduciary duties to clients and their six general duties to customers. Meets 3 hour mandatory Agency Law Requirement.

Arizona Contract Law - 3 Hours

Course Approval Number: CD9490

This course covers Arizona real estate purchase contracts, standards, regulation forms as well as various other elements of a contract. In addition this course covers your role, rights and obligations as a licensee/broker as well as those of your clients. Learn how to fill out and explain one of the most common contracts and the answers to frequently asked questions. Meets 3 hour mandatory Contract Law requirement.

Commissioners Rules - 3 Hours

Course Approval Number: CD8652

This course provides detailed information on the laws and regulations governing the real estate industry in Arizona. It provides a comparison of different governmental and industry regulations, as well as the most recent changes in the Commissioner’s Substantive Policy Statements. Meets 3 hour Commissioner’s Standards requirement.

Real Life Real Estate: Arizona Disclosure Issues - 3 hours

This course is provided by the Arizona Institute of Real Estate.

This course provides detailed information regarding laws and regulations governing disclosure requirements for the Licensee, the Buyer, and the Seller in residential real estate transactions in the state of Arizona. It will address new disclosure laws that have come into effect recently, and legal precedent that further underscores the need for full and proper disclosure by all parties. This course will also examine some very common "real life real estate" disclosure dilemmas, and offer expert advice on how to handle them. We will also review what the Arizona Department of Real Estate requires to be disclosed by licensees and brokers, as well as some of the accepted disclosure forms provided by the Arizona Association of Realtors ®

Fair Housing - 3 Hours

Course Approval Number CD5129

This course covers broad issues on fair housing laws. Learn what fair housing laws exist and the individuals covered by them. Understand how discrimination is defined in real estate, how to avoid discriminating practices, and the consequences for non-compliance. Meets 3 hour mandatory Fair Housing requirement.