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NMLS Mortgage Licensing Exam Test-Taking Strategy Webinar

Exam-Prep Live Webinar

Prepare yourself for the NMLS MLO licensing exam with this 2-hour live webinar.

Enroll in OnlineEd's NMLS Mortgage License Exam Webinar today. This mortgage license webinar will provide you with the information to pass the NMLS exam.

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Live Class Interactive Printable Certificate

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Live Class

Participate in a live session over the internet


Talk to a live instructor and other students

Printable Certificate

Download and print your own certificate.

According to the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry, the NMLS Mortgage Licensing Exam has an overall pass rate of 53%!!! Forty-seven percent of the individuals who attempt this exam never pass it. Sure, you can take the test again if you fail, but you'll have to pay for it again and wait 30 days. After failing the exam three times, you would have to wait SIX MONTHS before being eligible to take it once more.

If you need to originate mortgages to keep your job and earn your income, and you need a license to originate mortgages, and you need to pass this examination in order to get your license, can you really afford to waste your time and money attempting this exam over and over again? Our NMLS Mortgage License Exam Test-Prep live Webinar will position you for success at the front of the starting line.

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Price: $99.00 (USD)
Category: Vocational Training > Mortgage > License Training
Purpose: Prepare yourself for the NMLS MLO licensing exam with this 2-hour live webinar
Features: Live Class, Interactive, printable certificate

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September 28, 9:30 am - 11:30 am PDT

September 30, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm PDT

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NMLS Mortgage Licensing Exam Test-Taking Strategy Webinar

The NMLS Mortgage License Exam Webinar will provide you with:

  • information on how to schedule your NMLS examination,
  • insight as to what you can expect upon arriving at the testing center,
  • proven test-preparation and study strategies as well as test-taking techniques that work,
  • instruction on how to effectively utilize the NMLS Test Content Outline,
  • Eighteen (18) additional study sources,
  • a Question & Answer session during which you can seek clarification on test topics you are unsure of or not thoroughly fluent in, and
  • the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one, personalized test-prep tutoring.

This 2-hour webinar session will share proven exam-taking and study strategies with you that have assisted numerous test candidates build their confidence and pass this exam. Created and delivered by a seasoned mortgage professional, mortgage instructor, and trainer, this webinar can increase your odds of knocking the NMLS national mortgage licensing examination out of the park on your first attempt. Think of this as an investment in yourself, your career, and your success. Can you really afford not to? Sign up today!

This webinar is intended to better prepare you to take the NMLS mortgage loan originator licensing exam. Please register for a 2-hour study session that will occur on a date AFTER you have completed your initial MLO prelicense training.

About Your Instructor

Rich Leffler is the President, CEO, and Senior Instructor of AxSellerated Development, LLC, a success coaching and mortgage consulting firm dedicated to assisting others achieve personal and professional success. In addition to being a charismatic, captivating, and sought-after personal success coach, instructor, NMLS exam tutor, and speaker, Rich is responsible for creating, coordinating, and executing training curriculums affording new mortgage loan originators and those considering a career in mortgage lending with the fundamental skills necessary to originate successfully and compliantly.

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This course will remain available to students for 1 days after enrollment.

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