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Be the Good News in the Face of Bad News

Career Enhancement Online Course

Learn the importance of your role as a REALTORĀ® before, during and after a natural disaster.


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Category: Real Estate > Professional Development
Purpose: Learn the importance of your role as a REALTORĀ® before, during and after a natural disaster.
Features: Online Video, Student Workbook, Printable Certificate

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Be the Good News in the Face of Bad News

This is a non-credit course. Not for license renewals.

Disaster-type events appear to be more and more common every year. This course introduces you to the importance of disaster preparedness, both personally and professionally. In addition to having a disaster preparedness plan, learn what you need to do to prepare your emergency kits and communication plans for both your family and your business. By taking the steps to prepare now, you set a positive example while boosting your professional visibility within your community.

It has been observed that in the aftermath of various disasters communities band together to help one another. Neighbors who have often never spoken to one another find themselves helping and sharing with each other. The lessons and knowledge learned here can not only be shared with friends and family but also with your clients and within your community.

This course is part of the Crisis Knowledge Management (CKM) certification program. The certification was created to guide you to have a better understanding as to what you need to do to properly protect yourself, your family, your business and your community. By earning this Certification, you differentiate yourself in your community by being a trusted source and the person they turn to first. You will look like the rock star of disaster preparedness in your community.

Course Length: 3 hours

You will learn:

  • What to do to prepare for a natural disaster
  • How to help during recovery
  • What the most common disasters are in California
  • What qualifies as a disaster
  • What qualifies as a state of emergency
  • How disasters are affecting the real estate market
  • How disasters impact property values

This course will remain available to students for 365 days after enrollment.

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